Substance Abuse Therapeutic Group

Substance Abuse Therapeutic Group
Colonial Community Corrections' (CCC) Substance Abuse Therapeutic Group is a 12-week program designed to educate clients on the disease concept of chemical dependency and 12-step recovery. In addition, clients learn the medical aspects of mood altering chemical use, how to recognize negative consequences of drug use, and how to assess their current status regarding substance abuse.

Specialist Staff
The Substance Abuse Specialist (who has an MS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, and is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor), facilitates the group using the format developed by Center for Therapeutic Justice's (CFTJ) raft Program: Regional Alternatives in Forensic Treatment.

  • Court-ordered enrollment and participation.
  • Probation/Pretrial Officer referral based on assessment conducted by Substance Abuse Specialist.
  • Self-referral (both Colonial Community Corrections (CCC) and non-CCC clients are eligible); must contact Substance Abuse Specialist for self-referral and pay fees in advance.
  • Open enrollment; contact Substance Abuse Specialist for start dates.
For more information, contact the Substance Abuse Specialist at 757-564-2311.

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