Water Conservation Agreements

About the Agreements
Most rezoning and special use permit applications include proffers or conditions to address water conservation practices to be incorporated into the proposed development to reduce water consumption. These include water efficient landscaping, irrigation systems, and indoor appliances. A guidance document Water Conservation Guidelines (PDF) is provided in order to assist in drafting Water Conservation Agreements.

Listed below are developments in James City County that have entered into Water Conservation Agreements with the JCSA either through County proffers and/or voluntary development covenants.

If the initial owner of your development or subdivision signed a Water Conservation Agreement, then this agreement should be reflected in your neighborhood rules and covenants.


  1. New Town Office Building (PDF)
  2. New Town Section 12 (PDF)
  3. New Town Section 2 and 4 (PDF)
  4. New Town Section 3 and 6 (PDF)
  5. New Town Section 7 and 8 (PDF)
  6. New Town Section 9 (Settler's Market) (PDF)
  7. New Zion Baptist Church (PDF)
  8. Nick's Lawn Service (PDF)
  9. Ninth Elementary School and Fourth Middle School (PDF)
  10. Noland Commercial (PDF)
  11. Norge Neighborhood (PDF)
  12. Oaktree Office Park and Airtight Self Storage Expansion (PDF)
  13. Pleasant Hill Station (PDF)
  14. Pocahontas Square (PDF)
  15. Prime Outlet, Phase 7 and 8 (PDF)
  16. Scott s Pond, Section 3A (PDF)
  17. Shops at Norge Crossing (PDF)
  18. STAT Services (PDF)
  19. Station at Norge (PDF)
  20. Stonehouse - GS Virginia (PDF)
  21. Tewning Road, Lots 11 and 12 (PDF)
  22. TGIFriday's (PDF)
  23. The Colonies at Williamsburg (PDF)
  24. The Cottages at Stone Haven (PDF)
  25. The Settlement at Powhatan Creek (PDF)
  26. The Seventh Day Adventist Church (PDF)
  27. Toano Middle School (PDF)
  28. Tractor Supply Company (PDF)
  29. Villages at Candle Station (PDF)
  30. Villas at Five Forks (PDF)
  31. Walnut Grove (PDF)
  32. Water Conservation Guidelines (PDF)
  33. Weatherly at White Hall (PDF)
  34. Wedmore Place at the Williamsburg Winery (PDF)
  35. Wellington (PDF)
  36. White Hall (PDF)
  37. Williamsburg Community Chapel (PDF)
  38. Williamsburg Landing (PDF)
  39. Williamsburg Place (PDF)
  40. Williamsburg Pottery (PDF)
  41. Williamsburg Unitarian Universalist Church (PDF)
  42. Williamsburg Wicker Expansion Phase 1 and 2 (PDF)
  43. Windsor Meade (PDF)
  44. Windsor Meade Marketplace (PDF)
  45. Windsor Ridge, Section IV (PDF)
  46. WJCC Schools Operation Center Expansion (PDF)
  47. Zion Baptist Church, Lightfoot Expansion (PDF)