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Board of Supervisors Speaker's Form


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  • Step One

    1. Once completed, place in Speaker's Form basket at dais prior to the start of the meeting.

    2. This is an opportunity to speak to any matter that is not related to a Public Hearing and is germane to the work of the public body. Priority will be give to those who have submitted a completed form and indicated they are speaking to an agenda item or topic that is not subject to a public hearing (i.e.: Consent Calendar or Board Consideration).

    3. This is an opportunity to express an opinion on, for or against, a specific issue on the agenda under the heading of Public Hearing(s).

    4. I wish to speak during (please select one):

    5. 5 minutes - all speakers

    6. 5 minutes - individuals 15 minutes - group spokesperson** 15 minutes - applicant/applicant's representative

    7. Additional rules and guidelines may be found on the second page.