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2005 Minutes & Adopted Resolutions Per Meeting


“Signed minutes posted on this site do not include court-recorded documents such as proffers or ordinances.  An official copy of these documents may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Board of Supervisors or the County’s Records Management Office.” 





Dec. 13 BOD Nov. 22 Transfer Sewerage Station
BOS Nov. 22 - Work Session

Nov. 22
Conveyance Easement Warhill Animal Control Officer
Nurse Educator Position School Salary Fringes
Tax Exemption Denial Ironbound Housing Assistance
Ironbound Housing Funds Isabel Disaster Assistance
Isabel Disaster Recovery Centerville Family Subdivision
St. Olaf Church WarHill Tract
Construction Elementary School Jamestown Marina Campground
Verizon Easement Conveyance Six-Year Construction Program
Heritage Humane Society Closed Meeting
Nov. 22 BOD Oct. 24 FY06 Capital Improvements Abandonment Easement Roth
Dedication Easement Tewning Drainage Easement Tewning
BOS Nov. 8 FY06 Legislative Program FY07-12 Improvement Program
Closed Meeting Grant Freedom Park
Easement Dominion Landfill Licenses Taxes Fees
Adoption Guidelines Amendments Taxation Personal Property
Business Personal Property Exemption Estate Taxes
Acquisition Property Agreement Salary Courthouse Staff
Change Locality Grouping Warhill Sports Facility
Nov. 8 BOS Oct. 25 - WS

Oct. 25

Sept. 13 - Amendment
Conversion Position Library Assisted Living Facility
Concrete Batch Plant Olde Towne Timeshares
Wicker Rattan Retail Health Foundation Grant
Oct. 25 BOS Sept. 13

Sept. 27 - WS

Sept. 27

Oct. 13
Ordinance Violation Brown Appointment Fire Marshal
Ordinance Violation Stegeman Budget Toano Study
DMV Grant Award Installation Sign Vineyards
Condemnation Detention Basin Norge Train Depot
Closed Meeting
BOD Sept. 27 Renewal Health Permit
Oct. 11 BOS Contract Architectural Services Natural Gas Buses
Budget Fire Training New Elementary School
Stonehouse Elementary Expansion Chickahominy Church Expansion
Street Windmill Meadows Grant Domestic Violence
DMV Mini Grant Fire Prevention Week
New Middle School Funds Homeland Security
Williamsburg Landing Parking
WAT Sept. 13 FY06 Purchase Buses
Sept. 27 BOS Closed Meeting FY06 Budget Amendments
Little Creek Park Rescind Emergency Ophelia
Greensprings Golf Tunnel
BOD Aug. 9 Park Water Lines Utility Connection Fees
Sept. 13 WAT FTA Civil Rights
BOS Aug. 9 Landfills Pit "Renewal Branscome Pit Renewal
Prime Outlets Plan Closed Meeting
Declaration Local Emergency Cash proffer Schools
Villages of Whitehall Mill Creek Addition
Winery SUP Renewal Permit TGI Friday's
Shops Norge Crossing Permit Villages Whitehall
Cooperative Service Agreement Ordinance Violation Amrein
Appreciation York County Villages Whitehall (Lagrange)
Permit Villages Whitehall 2 Real Property Tax
Toano Convenience Center Revenue Sharing Project
Justice Assistance Grant 400th Anniversary Courthouse
Appropriation Peninsula Health Revisions Personnel Manual
Powhatan Election Precinct Easement Emergency Communications
Creation Position WAT Position General Services
Streets Wexford Hill
Aug. 9 BOS July 26 - Work Session

July 26
Langley Credit Union Funds Child Welfare
Rezoning Credit Union DMV Grant Award
Rezoning Governor's Grove Emergency Operations Plan
2004 PDR Program Rescue Squad Grant
Stonehouse Centex Funds Health Foundation Grant
Appreciation John Berkenkamp
BOD May 24 Acceptance Water Sewer
July 26 BOS June 28

July 12
Closed Meeting Closed Meeting
Appreciation Dr. Beers Contract Ambulance Purchase
Contract Building New Town Stonehouse Private Streets
Criminal Justice Grant
July 12 BOS June 28 - Work Session DCJS Grant Award Manual Military Leave
Recreation Parks Month Appreciation James Dorsey
Treleaven Warehouse Nursery Surplus Real Property
Lease Warhill Property
June 28 BOS May 24 - Joint Work Session

June 14
Closed Meeting Violation Charge Tuftee
Sign Oldstage Road 2005 Fair Committee
Sign Mill Creek Landing Appointment Alternate Jail
Relocation Pocahontas Trail Hiring Attorney's Office
Reduction Planning Fee Villas At Jamestown
Chesapeake Bay Restoration Permit Villas Jamestown
Emergency Management Grant Obligation Bonds Agreements
June 14 BOS May 10

May 24
Contract Ambulance Replacement Contract Sports Facility
Designation Applicant's Agent Hiring Chief Eligibility
Contract Employee Insurance Right-of-Way Monticello Ironbound
Easement Monticello Ironbound Medical Director Full-Time
Positions Hours WAT Property Toano Convenience
Tobacco Control Grant Substance Abuse Grant
Farm Fresh Gas
WAT Approval Secretary WAT Appropriation 2006 Budget
May 24 BOS Appointment Secretary WAT Rezoning Burlington Woods
TNCC Board Expansion Crossroads Youth Home
Section 8 Housing Permit Burlington Woods
Hampton Economic Designee Contract Louise Lane
2006 Police Recruits
BOD April 26 Grinder Pump Fees Water/Sewer Rate Change
May 10 BOS April 18 - Budget Work Session

April 20 - Budget Work Session

April 26
Closed Meeting Obligation School Bonds
May Bike Month Riverside Health Certificate
Emergency Management Grant Historic Triangle Wayfinding
Easement Greensprings Trail Ironbound Square Redevelopment
CDBG Business Employment Centerville Road Subdivision
Housing Rehabilitation Demonstration Permit Centerville Subdivision
Apr. 26 BOS Apr. 12

Apr. 14 - Budget Work Session
Assistant Fire Marshall Ironbound Stormwater Basin
Bond Williamsburg Landing Appropriation FY 2005-06
Dedication Streets Stonehouse Pocahontas Square Proffer
Easement Greensprings Trail Strategic Management Plan
Greensprings Trail Easement Establishment Positions WAMAC
Pocahontas Trail Rezoning
BOD Mar. 22 Appropriation JCSA FY06 Norge Water Improvement
Stonehouse Participation Agreement
Apr. 12 BOS Mar. 22 - WS

Mar. 22
Satellite DMV Select Alice's Wonderland Playhouse
Police DMV Grants Volunteer Recognition Week
Greensprings Trail Funding Hicks Island Family
Contract Wallhill Site
Mar. 22 BOD Feb. 22 Budget FY05 CIP Budget JCSA FY05
BOS Feb. 9
Retreat with Schools

Feb. 22 - WS

Mar. 8
closed session Triad Crime Prevention
Ironbound Elderly Housing Water Storage Stonehouse
Water Storage Warhill Temporary Classroom Trailers
Terrorism Preparedness Exercise
Mar. 8 BOS Feb. 3 - VACo/VML Leg. Day

Feb. 22
Closed Meeting Transfer Proffer Consulting
Sale Property Appropriation Strengthening Families Program
Safety Personnel Manual Award Emergency Communications
New Town Community
Feb. 22 BOD Dec. 10, 2002 Use Fire Hydrants Grinder Pump Maintenance
BOS Feb. 8 Six-Year Secondary Road Homeland Security Grant
Household Chemical Collection Ironbound Office Buildings
Reaffirmation Ironbound Redevelopment Community Chapel Expansion
Budge EMS Grant Hazard Mitigation Committee
Incident Management System Violation Nice Associates
Construction Revenue Sharing Contract Construction Warhill
Feb. 8 BOS Jan. 11

Jan. 22 - Retreat

Jan. 25

Jan. 25 - WS
Demonstration Intern Grant Dedication Monticello Avenue
Dedication Stonehouse Healthcare Williamsburg Place
Abandonments Portions Right-of-Way Workforce Development Designee
Hogge Family Subdivision Rail Transportation Application
Jan. 25 BOS Closed Meeting Contract Little Creek
Contract Warhill Improvements Contract Little Creek2
Neighborhood Ford's Colony
BOD Dec. 14 Closed Meeting Rehabilitation Lift Stations
Season's Trace Lease Riverview Plantation Waterline
Jan. 11 BOS Jan. 3, 2005 - Org. Meeting

Dec. 14, 2004
Closed Meeting Closed Meeting2
Approving Merger Agreement Reappointment County Administrator
Cardinal Acres Duplex Reappointment County Administrator2
Riverview Plantation Improvements VPPSA Appointment Alternate
Rezoning Lightfoot Development VPPSA Appointment Alternate2
Rezoning Ford's Colony Cardinal Acres Duplex2
Jan. 3 BOS Jan. 5, 2004 - WAT Stockholders

Sept. 28, 2004 - WAT
Closed Meeting PAED Designee 2005
Organizational Meeting BOS Appointment Officers WAT

*For signed copies of minutes, please contact the Board Secretary at 757-253-6609.

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