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Williamsburg, VA 23185
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2010 Minutes & Adopted Resolutions Per Meeting


“Signed minutes posted on this site do not include court-recorded documents such as proffers or ordinances.  An official copy of these documents may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Board of Supervisors or the County’s Records Management Office.” 






12-14-10 BOS

11/23/10 - BOS

11/23/10 - BOSW

2011 Legislative Program Allyson Drive Acquistion
CDBG Agreement Funds CDBG Business Employment
Circuit Court Grant Closed Meeting
Cox Communications Terms Forest Heights Housing
Gordon Creek Addition Louise Lane Property
Section 504 Grievance
BOD 11/23/10 - BOD
11-23-10 BOS

11/09/10 - BOS

10/26/10 - BOD

Acquisition of Property Agreement on Homelessness
Closed Meeting Certification Courthouse Appropriation
Kiwanis Club Grant  
11-9-10 BOS

10/26/10 - BOS

10/26/10 - BOSW

Asphalt Overlay Budget Charlies Antiques Permit
Closed Meeting Cost Sharing Agreement
Dam Repair Permit Diamond Health Care Permit
Jamestown Archaeology Award Outdoor Pools Award
Pierce Family Permit American Heritage Expansion
10-26-10 BOS

09/28/10 - BOSW

10/12/10 - BOS

Asphalt Overlay Budget Bulletproof Vest Grant
Local Emergency Recinded VPPSA Landfill Agreement
BOD 09/28/10 - BOD    
10-12-10 BOS

09/28/10 - BOS


Hogge Family Permit Longhill Centerville Improvements
9-28-10 BOS FY 2011 Capital Budget General Obligation Bonds
Harmonious Hardscapes Permit Health Department Grant
Ironbound Square Improvements Local Emergency Declaration
AFD Withdrawals Policy Ironbound Square Revitalization
BOD 08/10/10 - BOD Sewer Pipes Award Sewer Pipes Award 2
Richmond Road Easement Williamsburg Landing Easement
9-14-10 BOS

08/10/10 - BOS

08/10/10 - BOSW

Criminal Justice Appointment Curbside Leaf Collection
Disaster Assistance Request DMV Grant Award
Dream Catchers Taxes Emergency Preparedness Award
Fast Food Rezoning JFCOM Closure Protest
Recreational Trails Grant Trash Grass Lien
Utility Easements Conveyance Wireless Facility Permit
Closed Meeting  
8-10-10 BOS

07/27/10 - BOS

07/27/10 - BOSW

Animal Control Officer Cable Installation Award
Closed Meeting Code Violation Lien
EMT Regulation Exemption Greensprings Trail Amendment
Grove Church Permit Transfer WATA Assets
Ward Family Subdivision
BOD 07/27/10 - BOD
7-27-10 BOS

07/13/10 - BOS

Bank Resolution Amendment Bermuda Twinning Agreement
Business Technology Incubator Citizen Corps Grant
Closed Meeting Appointment Closed Meeting Evaluation
DCJS Grant Award Emergency Management Grant
Green Building Recommendations
Groundskeeper Position Establishment LaTienda Permit
Long-Term Care Insurance Replacement Truck Award
Rescue Squad Grant Retirement System Revision
Sanford Wanner Appreciation Standby Pay Revision
Wal-Mart Grant Fire Wal-Mart Grant Police

05/25/10 - BOD

06/22/10 - BOD

Bank Resolution Amendment Hillcrest Easement Extinguishment
Ironbound Facility Award Jet Truck Award
Landing Easement Extinguishment Long-Term Care Insurance
Recovery Reinvestment Act Water Sewer Acceptance
Withdrawal Mitigation Amendments
7-13-10 BOS

06/03/10 - BOSS

06/13/10 - BOSS

06/22/10 - BOS

06/22/10 - BOSW

06/29/10 - BOSC

Asphalt Overlay Award Closed Meeting
Facility Improvements Budget Homeless Intervention Grant
Omega Construction Violation Route 5 TID Assets
Route 5 TID Dissolution Stormwater Management Bonds
WATA Directors Appointments
TID Route 5 TID Assets Route 5 TID Dissolution
6-22-10 BOS

06/08/10 - BOS

06/17/10 - BOSS

05/23/10 - BOSS

05/24/10 - BOSS

Annual Engineering Contract Bicycle Safety Grant
Boating Safety Grant Chesapeake Restoration Grant
Closed Meeting Courthouse Commons Permit
Manufactured Home Permit Personnel Manual Revision
Route 199 Access Break SAFE Routes to School
Six-Year Secondary Road Trash Grass Lien
Trash Grass Lien 2 VRS Plan 2 Contribution
Williamsburg Landing Anniversary Wireless Communications Permit
BOD Rehabilitation Project Award Retirement Plan 2 Contribution
6-8-10 BOS

05/25/10 - BOSW

05/25/2010 - BOS

Attraction Height Waiver Borrow Pit Permit
Closed Meeting Energy Efficiency Grant
Landfills Pit Permit Reimburse Schools Expenditures
Reimburse Stormwater Expenditures Stormwater Facility Award
Stream Restoration Award Wireless Tower Permit
5-25-10 BOS

05/05/2010 - BOSBW

05/11/10 - BOS


Candle Factory Permit Fair Committee Appointment
Freedom Market Permit Freedom Market Rezoning
Little Creek Park Lease Rename CSB to CBH
Stonehouse Golf Agreement

04/27/10 - BOD

05/05/10 - BODBW

JCSA Budget Adoption Water Facility Award
Water Main Award
5-11-10 BOS

04/22/10 - BOSc

04/27/10 - BOS

04/28/10 - BOSBW

EMS Recognition Week FY 2011 General Fund Appropriation
FY 2011 SMP Endorsement Griffon Lighting Height
Griffon Lighting Permit Hogge Subdivision Permit
Ordinance Update Methodology
4-28-10 Declaration of Interdependence  
4-27-10 BOS

04/13/10 - BOSc

04/12/10 - BOS

Criminal Justice Appointment Insurance Proceeds Appropriation
BOD 03/23/10 - BOD    
4-22-10 BOS Closed Session Closed Meeting  
4-13-10 BOS

03/16/10 - BOSJ

03/23/10 - BOSW

03/23/10 - BOS

Volunteer Appreciation Week Safety Telecommunications Week
Police Insurance Proceeds Gilley Properties Permit
Capital Trail Easement Closed Meeting
Closed Meeting 2
3-23-10 BOS 03/09/10 BOS 134 Neighbors Conveyance Fire Renovation Award
Forest Heights Improvement Insurance Proceeds Appropriation
Sustainable Building Policy  
BOD 02/23/10 BOD 125 Riverview Plantation Transfer Independent Water Systems
Mutual Aid Agreement
3-9-10 BOS

02/23/10 BOS

02/23/10 BOSW

Climate Showcase Gant PDR Offer Easement
VPPSA Collection Agreement Westminster Streets Dedication
Closed Meeting
2-23-10 BOS 02/09/10 BOS McKown Subdivision Permit VPPSA BOD Reappointments
BOD 01/26/10 BODO Dominion Right-of-Way Agreement  
2-09-10 BOS

01/26/10 BOS

01/26/10 BOSW

01/23/10 BOSR

CSB Credit Line Domestic Violence Grant
Druid Hills Street HB 438 Dam Safety
Library Budget Amendment School Parking Permit
School Parking Rezoning V-Stop Program Grant
1-26-10 BOS

01/12/10 BOS

01/04/10 BOSO

Attrition Incentive Program Rescue Squad Grant
Leave Without Pay Closed Meeting
Closed Meeting 2 Closed Meeting 3
BOD 12/08/09 BOD BOD Organizational Meeting
1-12-10 BOS 12/08/09 BOS Citizens Corps Grant Emergency Management Grant
Radiological Emergency Grant Circuit Court Grant
Closed Meeting Certification
1-4-10 BOS Org. BOS Organizational Meeting


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