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2011 Minutes & Adopted Resolutions Per Meeting


“Signed minutes posted on this site do not include court-recorded documents such as proffers or ordinances.  An official copy of these documents may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Board of Supervisors or the County’s Records Management Office.” 






12-20-11 BOS  
12-13-11 BOS 11/22/11 - BOS 800 MHx Joint MOU Annual Engineering Services
CCC Implementation Act Chickahominy Road Manufactured Home
Circuit Court Grant Closed Meeting Certification
County Employee Bonus Disposition of Property
Forest Heights Improvements JCC Charter Amendment
Port Security Grant Settlers Market Amendment
The Candle Factory Williamsburg Landing Bonds
Wohlfarth Family Subdivision Resolution of Appreciation
BOD   Operating Budget Amendment
11-22-11 BOS 11/08/11 - BOS 2012 Legislative Program Building D HVAC Award
Buildings D & E Renovation CCC Buffer Guidelines
CCC Fund Balance Chesapeake Bay Grant
JCC Pedestrian Plan Outstanding Tree Guidelines
Patriot Colony Bond Sound Wall Guidelines
Streetscape Guidelines Policy
BOD 10/25/11 Utility Easement Extinguishment Virginia Power Agreement
11-8-11 BOS

10/25/11 - BOS

10/25/11 - BOSW

Bulletproof Vest Grant Project Planning Grant
E911 Grant Award VDEM Grant Award
2011 VDEM Grant Emergency Operations Plan
Hornsby Temporary Trailers Rescind Commercial District Ordinances
Accessory Apartment Permit  
10-25-11 BOS 10/11/11 - BOS Amend Capital Budget Jamestown Field Lighting
Jolly Pond Road Litter Prevention Grant
Peninsula Hazard Mitigation Termination Project Agreement
VDOT Enhancement Grant Warhill Field Lighting
Closed Meeting  
BOD 09/27/11 Grinder Pump Contract
10-11-11 BOS

09/27/11- BOS

09/27/11 - BOSW

Citizen Corps Grant Construction Award Warhill
ROA Fire Station 1 Closed Meeting Certification
9-27-11 BOS 09/13/11 - BOS DMV Grant Award Hampton Water Supply
Obligation School Bond Purchasing Policy Updates
BOD CIP Budget Amendment JCSA Treasurer Appointment
08/09/11 Water Treatment Award
9-13-11 BOS

08/09/11 - BOS

08/09/11 - BOSW

08/30/11 - BOSEM

Busch Gardens Landscaping County New Projects
Establishment A Department Fair Committee Appointment
Intersection Improvements Change Justice Assistance Grant
Landing Construction Commencement Merrimac Trail Drainage
Ordinance Violations Charge Economic Opportunity Guidelines
Jamestown Yacht Lease
8-30-11 BOS Emer. Declaration/ Hurricane Irene Permit Fees Waived
Tipping Fees Waived
8-9-11 BOS

07/26/11 - BOS

07/26/11 - BOSW


07/26/11 - BOD

Circuit Court Grant Drug Free Workplace
Local Aid to State Regional Jail Cost
Veterans Tribute Tower Closed Meeting
7-26-11 BOS 07/12/11 - BOS


06/28/11 - BOD

Chesapeake Bay Grant Criminal Justice Grant
CNU Revenue Bonds COX Richmond Station
OTMC Lease Renewal Closed Meeting Certification
BOD Water Sewer Systems  
7-12-11 BOS

06/28/11 - BOS

06/28/11 - BOSW

Kingsmill Marriott WCF Rezone Forest Heights
Closed Meeting Certification
6-28-11 BOS 06/14/11 - BOS 4352 Ironbound Road Boat Storage Agreement
Closed Meeting Fire Safety Grant
Freedom Park Easement Gordon Mill Creeks Plans
Mid County Park Permit NRA Foundation Grant
Train Depot Contract
BOD 05/24/11 - BOD Establish VRS Plan 2
6-14-11 BOS

05/24/11 - BOS

05/24/11 - BOSW

Acting Zoning Administrator Amending Employment Agreement
Building Official Appointment CCC Fee Collection
CCC Grant Award Closed Meeting
Compensation Policy Changes Conservation Easement Offer
Fuel Costs Transfer Fund Balance Policy
Group Home Appointment

HRPDC Grant Award

HRPDC Grant Award 2 Junior Womans Club
LODA Funding Transfer LODA Nonparticipation Election
Regional Library Appointment Urban Development Areas
Victim Witness Grant VRS Plan 2 Contribution
5-24-11 BOS 05/10/11 - BOS BOS Reimburse Expenditures Building F- HAVC Contract
Closed Meeting Closed Meeting 2
Junior Woman's Grant LEC Renovation Contract
Wal-Mart Grant Award
BOD Monticello Easement Abandonment
5-10-11 BOS

04/26/11 - BOSW

04/26/11 - BOS

04/20/11 - BOSBW

04/18/11 - BOSBW

04/14/11 - BOSBW

Car Wash Permit Closed Meeting
FY 2012-2017 Secondary Plan Powhatan Creek Trail
Truck Traffic Restriction
4-26-11 BOS 04/12/11 - BOS 2012 Budget Appropriation V-Stop Grant Award
Conservation Easement Acceptance Waiving Permit Fees
Adopting Redistricting Plan Closed Meeting
BOD 03/22/11 - BOD Connection Fees Increase 2012 Budget Appropriation
4-12-11 BOS 03/22/11 - BOS
03/22/2011 - BOSW
Acting Official Appointment Closed Meeting
EMS Week Recognition Monticello Woods Streets
Police Furnishings Contract Portions Streets Dedication
Telecommunications Week Recognition Volunteer Appreciation Week
BOD JCSA Furnishings Contract
3-22-11 BOS 03/08/11 - BOS 2011 Redistricting Standards Airport Access Grant
Automobile Liability Payment Chesapeake Violation Charge
Cox Fiber Lease Cox Services Agreement
Enterprise Zone Expansion Falletta Achievement Recognition
Legislative Spending Policy Records Sharing Grant
Richmond Road Improvements Tewning Road Improvements
Volunteer Fire Donation Williamsburg Pottery Permit
Williamsburg Pottery Rezoning 2011 Redistricting Calendar
BOD 02/22/11 - BOD Williamsburg Landing Easement


02/22/11 - BOSW

02/22/11 - BOS

02/23/11 - BOSJW

Closed Meeting Fleet Technician Addition
Jamestown Beach Contract Manufactured Home Permit
Montague Parking Expanions Police Security Contract
Port Security Grant
2-22-11 BOS 02/08/11 - BOS Crime Victims Grant Education Sales Tax
Police Insurance Appropriation Violence Victim Grant
BOD 01/25/11 - BOD Grinder Pump Fee Transfer Workers Compensation
2-8-11 BOS

01/22/11 - BOSR

01/25/11 - BOS

01/25/11 - BOSW

02/03/11 - BOSL

Busch Gardens Oktoberfest Oktoberfest Height Waiver
Shoreline Restoration Grant VDOT Traffic Signal
1-25-11 BOS

01/03/11 - BOSO

01/1/11 - BOS

Chesel Run Zoning Chickahominy Park Renovations
Closed Meeting Fire Programs Grant
Flea Market Permit Forest Heights Agreement
Jamestown High Gym Kiwanis Club Grant
Park Interpretive Center Stonehouse Streets Dedication
Tractor Company Permit
BOD 12/14/10 - BOD BOD Organizational Meeting
1-11-11 BOS

12/14/10 - BOSW

12/14/10 - BOS

Justice Assistance Grant Old News Road Project
Litter Recycling Grant
1-3-11 BOS BOS Organizational Meeting


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