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Board of Supervisors Agenda
Government Center Board Room

June 28, 2005 - 7 p.m.



Roll Call


Moment of Silence


Pledge of Allegiance - Hanna Razer, a fifth-grade student at Stonehouse Elementary School

D. Highway Matters
E. Presentations
1. Hampton Roads Health Coalition - 2005 Wellness in the Workplace Award
2. PRIDE Team Progress Report
F. Public Comment
G. Consent Calendar
1. Minutes

a. May 24, 2005, Joint Work Session (Adopted by vote 5-0)

b. June 14, 2005, Regular Meeting (Adopted by vote 5-0)

2. Installation of “Watch for Children” Signs
Supports County's Strategic Pathway 2.a - address the needs of the underserved and protect the vulnerable

a. Old Stage Road (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Attachment) (Resolution)

b. Mill Creek Landing (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Attachment) (Resolution)

3. Proposed Relocation of Route 60, Pocahontas Trail (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 3.e - match community growth with the ability to maintain a high quality natural and man-made environment

4. Budget Amendment - Reduction in Planning Fee Estimate (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 3.b - ensure ongoing operational costs are funded

5. Appropriation of Funds - Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund Grant - $5,720 (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 4.b - provide environmental education for citizens

6. Appropriation of Funds - VDEM LCAR Update Funds Grant - $2,000 (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 1.d - develop and promote revenue alternatives to property taxes

7. Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance Violation - Civil Charge - David R. Tuftee (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 4.c - ensure private development and government operations are environmentally sensitive

8. Appointment - 2005 County Fair Committee (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment)
9. Appointment - Alternate to the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail Board (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)

10. Advance Hiring of Administrative Assistant - Commonwealth Attorney's Office (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)
Supports County ’s Strategic Pathway 5.b - Maintain a well-trained and high performing workforce for normal and emergency operations

H. Public Hearing
1. Case Nos. Z-15-04/MP-11-04/SUP-34-04. Villas at Jamestown (continued from June 14, 2005) (Adopted by vote 4-1) (Memorandum) (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Attachment 3) (Attachment 4) (Attachment 5) (Attachment 6) (Attachment 7a) (Attachment 7b)
2. Ordinance Amendment - Chapter 8, Erosion and Sediment Control, Section 8-5, Permits, Fees, Bonding, etc.; to Increase Fees (Adopted by vote 3-2) (Memorandum) (Ordinance)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 3.b - Ensure ongoing operational costs are funded.

3. Ordinance to Amend and Reordain Chapter 13, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, Article I, In General, Section 13-7, Adoption of State Law; and Article II, Driving Automobiles, Etc., While Intoxicated or Under the Influence of Any Drug, Section 13-28, Adoption of State Law Generally (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Ordinance)
I. Board Consideration
1. Resolution Requesting the Circuit Court to Order an Election on Issuance of General Obligation Bonds in the Maximum Amount of $15,000,000 for Parks and Recreation Improvements and $20,000,000 for Land or Voluntary Land Easements (Adopted by vote 5-0) (Memorandum) (Resolution)
J. Public Comment
K. Reports of the County Administrator
L. Board Requests and Directives
M. Closed Session
1. Consideration of Appointments of Individuals to County Boards and/or Commissions, Pursuant to Section 2.2-3711(A)(1) of the Code of Virginia

a. Historic Triangle Bicycle Advisory Committee

b. Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

c. Peninsula Disabilities Service Board

d. Williamsburg Area Arts Commission

N. Adjournment

All agendas are posted on this web site the Friday before each meeting.


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