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Board of Supervisors Agenda
Government Center Board Room

April 24, 2007 - 7 p.m.

A. Roll Call
B. Moment of Silence

Pledge of Allegiance - Katelyn Perger, a fourth-grade student at Stonehouse Elementary School

D. Presentations
  1. 2007 Historical Preservation Award – Ivor Noël Hume (Memorandum)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 4.a -highlight our natural environment and rich history in County facilities and publications
  2. Cool Cities and Counties Presentation – Dr. Chris Llewellyn, Chapter Chair, Williamsburg Chapter of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network
E. Highway Matter
F. Public Comment
G. Consent Calendar
  1. Minutes - April 10, 2007, Regular Meeting (Adopted 5-0)
2. Selection of the Virginia Association of Counties Risk Pool (VACoRP) for Property, Liability, and Workers’ Compensation Coverages (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 1.a - evaluate service delivery costs
3. Revisions to Chapter 2, Employment, to the James City County Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 5.b - maintain a well-trained and high performing workforce for normal and emergency operations
  4. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Agreement with James City County for Pass Through Federal Revenue - Jamestown 2007 Anniversary Weekend
(Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 1.a & 1.b – 1.a) evaluate service delivery costs; 1.b) identify services/programs with overlapping missions and/or constituents and increase efficiencies through shared or merged services
H. Public Hearings
  1. Case No. HW-5-06. New Town Section 9 - Settler’s Market
(Continued from April 10, 2007)
(Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment) (Adopted 3-2)
(Icenhour, McGlennon - No)
  2. Case No. SUP-02-07. Accessory Apartment – Page Landing
(Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Adopted 5-0)
  3. Temporary Classroom Trailers(Memorandum) (Resolution)
(Continued to May 8, 2007)

a. SUP-06-07. Lafayette High School Temporary Classroom Trailers (Attachment)


b. SUP-07-07.  Jamestown High School Temporary Classroom Trailers (Attachment)


c. SUP-08-07.  D.J. Montague Elementary School Temporary Classroom Trailers (Attachment)


d. SUP-09-07.  Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School Temporary Classroom Trailer



e. SUP-10-07.Rawls Byrd Elementary School Temporary Classroom Trailer (Attachment)


f. UP-11-07.  Stonehouse Elementary School Temporary Classroom Trailers (Attachment)


4. Temporary Lease - Jamestown Beach Campground (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 5.c - implement mechanisms to track, resolve and follow up complaints

Board Considerations
  1. Ordinance to add Chapter 18A, Stormwater Management to the James City County Code
(Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 4-1 as Amended) (Goodson - No)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 4.f - manage stormwater effectively and protect groundwater
  2. Case No. ZO-02-07. Zoning and Subdivision Fee Change
(Memorandum) (Ordinance 1) (Ordinance 2) (Adopted 5-0)
  3. Ordinance to amend Chapter 9, Fire Protection and Emergency Services, Article III, Section 9.14, Service Charges for Transport by County Emergency Medical Services Vehicles (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)
  4. Chapter 4, Building Regulations, Article I, Section 4-8, Generally; to Increase Certain Fees (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)
  5. Ordinance to amend Chapter 13, Photo Red Ordinance
(Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)
  6. Ordinance to amend Chapter 1, General Provisions, Section 1-13, Courthouse
(Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)
  7. FY 2008 County Budget (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment) (Adopted 5-0)
  8. Comprehensive Plan Methodology
(Memorandum) (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2) (Attachment 3) (Attachment 4) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 3.a - involve diverse citizens in planning
  9. Initiation of Public Use Site District in the Zoning Ordinance (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Adopted 5-0)
Public Comment
Reports of the County Administrator
Board Requests and Directives
M. Closed Session
  1. Consideration of a personnel matter, the appointment of individuals to County boards and/or commissions pursuant to Section 2.2-3711(A)(1) of the Code of Virginia

a. Thomas Nelson Community College Board

N. Adjournment

All agendas are posted on this web site the Friday before each meeting.

Channel 48 Program Note:

Board of Supervisors - Live 2nd and 4th Tuesdays (except in August and December - 2nd Tuesdays only), reshown the following Thursday at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. and the following Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. and 8. p.m. 

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