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Board of Supervisors Agenda
Government Center Board Room

September 28, 2010 - 7 p.m.

A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call
C. Moment of Silence
D. Pledge of Allegiance - Ysabel Dieguez, a first-grade student at Rawls Byrd Elementary School
E. Public Comment
F. Board Requests and Directives
G. Consent Calendar

1. Minutes – September 14, 2010 (Adopted 5-0)


2. Grant Award – Virginia Department of Health – $21,762 (Memorandum) (Summary) (Resolution) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 3.d - invest in the capital project needs of the community; 4.c - ensure private development and government operations are environmentally sensitive; and 4.e - prevent/minimize environmental impact of wastewater spills



3. Contract Award – Construction of Ironbound Square Revitalization Road Improvements, Phase II – $589,535 (Memorandum) (Summary) (Resolution) (Map) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 2.c - increase the variety of safe, sanitary and affordable housing; 3.d - invest in the capital project needs of the community; and 4.f - manage stormwater effectively and protect groundwater



4. Declaration of a Local Emergency (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Summary) (Adopted 5-0)


Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 4.g - preserve greenspace


H. Public Hearings

1.   Agricultural and Forestal District (AFD) 2010 Renewals (Summary) (Attachment 1) (Attachment 2)


a. Case No. AFD-1-89. Armistead 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


b. Case No. AFD-5-86. Barnes Swamp 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


c. Case No. AFD-1-02. Carter’s Grove 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


d. Case No. AFD-10-86. Christenson’s Corner 2010 Renewal (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Map) (Adopted 5-0)


e. Case No. AFD-6-86. Cranston’s Pond 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


f. Case No. AFD-2-86. Croaker 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


g. Case No. AFD-9-86. Gordon Creek 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


h. Case No. AFD-12-86. Gospel Spreading Church Farm 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


i. Case No. AFD-3-86. Hill Pleasant Farm 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


j. Case No. AFD-7-86. Mill Creek 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)


k. Case No. AFD-1-93. Williamsburg Farms 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance)(Adopted 5-0)


l. Case No. AFD-11-86. Yarmouth Island 2010 Renewal (Map) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Adopted 5-0)



2. Case No. SUP-0019-2010. Harmonious Hardscapes (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Summary) (Map) (Attachment) (Adopted 5-0)



3. Reductions in the FY 2011 Capital Budget (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Summary) (Adopted 4-1; Kennedy - No)


Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 1.a - evaluate service delivery costs

I. Board Considerations

1. Refunding of General Obligation Bonds (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Summary) (Attachment) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 1.a - evaluate service delivery costs


2. Policy Governing the Withdrawal of Property from Agricultural and Forestal Districts (AFDs) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Summary) (Adopted 5-0)

Supports County’s Strategic Pathway 4.g - preserve greenspace


Public Comment
Reports of the County Administrator
Board Requests and Directives
Closed Session

1. Consideration of a personnel matter, the appointment of individuals to County boards and/or commissions pursuant to Section 2.2-3711(A)(1) of the Code of Virginia


a.   Clean County Commission

Adjournment to 7:00 p.m. on October 12, 2010

All agendas are posted on this web site and JCCTV48 Cox Cable the Wednesday before each meeting.


Board meetings are broadcast live on JCC TV48 Cox Cable and online at  Meetings and Work Sessions are rebroadcast on Community Channel 46 every Thursday at 8 a.m., 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

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