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Board of Supervisors Agenda
Government Center Board Room

Sept. 11, 2012 - 7 p.m.

A. Call to Order
B. Roll Call
C. Moment of Silence
D. Pledge of Allegiance– Nicholas Gall, rising 6th grade student homeschooled
E. Presentations
  1. 1.Martha McCartney – 125th Anniversary of James City County Board of Supervisors
  2.VaCO Achievement Award Comprehensive Plan Implementation Tracking Tool
  3.NaCO Awards
F. Public Comment
G. Board Requests and Directors
H. Consent Calendar (Approved, 5-0)
  1. Minutes

a. August 14, 2012, Work Session


b. August 14, 2012, Regular Meeting

  2. Proclamation for National Preparedness Month (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution)
I. Public Hearings
1. Case No. ZO-0014-2011.  Exterior Signage (Summary) (Memorandum) (Attachment 1- Sign Lighting) (Attachment 2 - Ratio Photos) (Attachment 3 - Ordinance) (Attachment 4 - Alternate Ordinance) (Approved, 5-0)
  1. 2. Case No. SUP 0012-2011, nTelos, Route 199 Wireless Communication Facility (Summary) (Memorandum) (Attachment 1- Resolution Denial) (Attachment 2 - Resolution Approved) (Attachment 3 - Location Map) (Attachment 4 - Balloon Test Photos) (Attachment 6 - WCF Policy) (Attachment 7 - PC Minutes) (Attachment 8a - Partial Site Plan) (Attachment 8b - Section A View) (Attachment 8c - Section B View) (Attachment 8d - Section C View) (Attachment 9 - Map of New Town) (Deferred to Oct. 9)
  3. Case No. ZO-0004-2012.  Walnut Grove Proffer Amendment (Summary) (Memorandum) (Attachment 1 - Resolution) (Attachment 2 - Commission Minutes) (Attachment 3 - Location Map) (Attachment 4 - Proffers) (Attachment 5 - Elevations and Layout) (Attachment 6 - Applicant Summary - Version 2) (Withdrawn)
  4. Case No. ZO-0002-2012. Definitions (Summary) (Memorandum) (Ordinance) (Attachment 1 - Definitions) (Attachment 3 - Approved Planning Commission Minutes)
  1. (Approved with changes, 4-0)
  5. Case No. ZO-0005-2011, Endorsement of Green Building Incentives (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment 1 - BOS Work Session Minutes) (Attachment 2 - Planning Commission Minutes) (Approved, 4-0)
  1. 6. Case Nos. ZO-0007-2011 and ZO-0009-2011, Residential Districts, Cluster Overlay, Residential Redevelopment Policy and Workforce Housing Opportunities Policy (Summary) (Memorandum) (Attachment 1- BOS Work Session Minutes) (Attachment 2 - Planning Commission Minutes) (Attachment 3 - Ordinance R1) (Attachment 4 - Ordinance R2) (Attachment 5 - Ordinance R3) (Attachment 6 - Residential Redevelopment Policy) (Attachment 7 - Ordinance R5) (Attachment 8 - Overlay Ordinance) (Attachment 9 - Workforce Housing)
  2. (Cluster Overlay, Residential Redevelopment Policy, and Workforce Housing Opportunities Policy Deferred to Nov. 27; Under the Heading of Residential Districts: R-1 Approved, 4-0; R-2 Approved, 4-0; R-3 Approved 4-0; R-5 Approved with changes, 4-0)
  7. Case No. ZO-0008-2011.  Multiple Use Districts and Mixed Use Construction Phasing Policy (Summary) (Memorandum) (Attachment 1- Planning Commission Minutes) (Attachment 2 - BOS Work Session Minutes) (Attachment 3 - Ordinance R4) (Attachment 4 - PUD Ordinance) (Attachment 5 - Mixed Use Ordinance) (Attachment 6 - Mixed Use Policy)
  1. (Under the Heading of Multiple Use Districts: R-4 Approved with changes, 4-0; PUD Approved 4-0; MU Approved 4-0; MU Construction Phasing Policy Approved 4-0)

8. Authorization of Conveyance of J.B. Blayton Elementary School and Lois S. Hornsby Middle School Property to Williamsburg-James City County School Board (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment - Map) (Approved, 4-0)

Board Considerations
  1. 1. Legislative Application Deferral Policy (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment - BOS Work Session Minutes) (Deferred to Sept. 25)
  2. Zoning Ordinance Transition (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution) (Attachment - Planning Commission Minutes) (Approved, 4-0)
  3. Renaming of Longhill Road Connector (Summary) (Memorandum) (Resolution)
  1. (Approved, 4-0)

Mr. Kennedy left the meeting, after the Public Hearing for the nTelos Cell Tower, due to illness.

Public Comment
Reports of the County Administrator
Board Requests and Directives
Closed Session

1.    Consideration of a personnel matter(s), the appointment of individuals to County boards and/or commissions pursuant to Section 2.2-3711(A)(1) of the Code of Virginia

a. Community Action Agency

Adjournment – to 4 p.m. on September 25, 2012

All agendas are posted on this web site and JCCTV48 Cox Cable by close of business on Tuesday, one week before each meeting.


Board meetings are broadcast live on JCC TV48 Cox Cable and online at  Meetings and Work Sessions are rebroadcast on Community Channel 46 every Thursday at 8 a.m., 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

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