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Real Estate Assessments


101-F Mounts Bay Rd.
Williamsburg, VA 23185


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P.O. Box 8784

Williamsburg, VA 23187

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P: 757-253-6650
F: 757-253-6601


Director: 757-253-6650


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8 a.m. - 5 p.m.








Biennial Assessment of Real Estate

All real property in James City County (JCC) is assessed biennially, on even numbered years, by the Real Estate Assessments Division, except the real property of operating railroads, interstate pipelines, and public utilities, which are assessed by the State Corporation Commission.

The Virginia Supreme Court has provided the following definition of fair market value: "The fair market value of a property is the price which it will bring when it is offered for sale by one who desires, but is not obliged to sell it, and is bought by one who is under no necessity of having it." Virginia State law requires that assessments be at 100 percent of fair market value, equitable and uniform across the same class of property.

For more information on General Reassessment, click here.

General Reassessment

Assessments are made by utilizing accepted professional real estate appraisal methods, techniques, and standards. The process of biennially reviewing assessment valuations as of Jan. 1 on even numbered years, to become effective for billing as of July 1 (July 1 - June 30), is referred to as General Reassessment. The analysis of fair market sales provides the basis for whether property assessments are changed. Changes in commercial and industrial property assessments also utilizes income and expense data, and construction cost data. The request of income and expense data from owners of income-producing properties is authorized by the Virginia Code.

The assessments of the entire County are reviewed biennially, on even numbered years, although not all assessments are changed. A "Notice of Assessment Change" is only mailed to those property owners whose assessments change: Requirements for notification are set forth in the Virginia Code. Typically "Notices of Assessment Change" are mailed 60 days after Jan. 1. Property owners may appeal their assessment by departmental review in the 30 days following the date on the "Notice of Assessment Change." The deadline date is also printed on each notice.

For more information on General Reassessment, click here.

Departmental Review of Assessment

The property owner may appeal an assessment during the departmental review period at the end of each biennial general reassessment. If you wish to appeal your assessment, the first step is to call the Division, 757-253-6650, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and an explanation of the assessment will be provided. After this initial conversation if you still believe that the assessment does not represent fair market value, or you believe that your property is not treated equally with other similar properties, you may request a departmental review.

During the departmental review, the appraiser will meet with you and make an inspection of the property to ensure the data on your property is accurate. The appraiser will also conduct a sales analysis utilizing recent sales of comparable properties, as well as verify the equity of the assessment of your property and the assessments of other similar properties. If there is an adjustment to the assessment, the revised assessment will be forwarded to the property owner by mail.

Assessment of New Construction

"Partial Assessments" represent the value of a new improvement on the Jan. 1 date of assessment valuation. Partial assessments are authorized by the Code of Virginia. Property owners are notified of the addition of a partial assessment with a "Notice of Assessment Change" as part of the General Reassessment process.

When an improvement or addition is completed, or a tax exempt property becomes taxable, a "Supplemental Assessment" may be made. Supplemental assessments are authorized by the Code of Virginia. The supplemental assessment represents a pro rata portion of the full market value being added for the remaining months of the tax year, or the portion of the year that the property has been taxable. A "Supplemental Assessment Notice" will inform the property owners of the additional amount being added to the improvement value since the current assessment valuation from the past July 1. Property owners may appeal a supplemental assessment within 30 days of receiving their "Supplemental Assessment Notice."

Example of Partial and Supplemental Assessments - This illustrates the assessment of a $200,000 building on a $50,000 lot over a two-year period.



















*In this example, a supplemental bill would be generated. The added value for the completed building was $100,000: The $41,667 represents the assessment for the 5 months of February, March, April, May, and June.

($100,000/12) x 5 = $41,667

The tax due on the supplemental assessment would be calculated as follows:

$41,667 x .0084 [tax rate] = $350.00

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