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Final Frequent Electrical Violations - Residential


Current adopted edition of National Electrical Code-2011

  1. Address and Permit not posted----VUSBC 110.5
  2. More than one neutral conductor per terminal in panel—408.41
  3. White conductors not re-identified where used as ungrounded---200.7
  4. Foyers greater than 60 sq. ft. shall have a recept. on each wall that is 3’ or more.210.52(I)
  5. Light switch at each floor level of interior stairways of six risers or more.—210.70 (a) 2 (c)
  6. Outlet boxes overfilled.---314.16 (a)
  7. Concrete encased electrodes (rebar) if present, must be used as grounding electrode. 250.50 & 250.52(3)
  8. Metal boxes not grounded.—250.148 (c)
  9. NM cables thru bored holes drilled less than 1 ¼” from edge of studs/framing members.—300.4 (a)
  10. NM cables installed parallel to framing members stapled less than 1 ¼” from edge of studs.--- 300.4 (d)
  11. Staples with more than two NM cables under each staple in violation of manufs.’s instructions.--- 110.3
  12. Bundling of cables without de-rating.—310.15 (b)(2) and 334.80
  13. NM cables smaller than 8 AWG secured to bottom of joists in unfinished basements.—334.15 (c)
  14. NM cables installed less than 7 feet from attic access and not protected guard strips.—334.23
  15. NM cable not supported/secured at 4 ½ intervals and within 8” of single device boxes without clamps or 12” with clamps.—334.30 and 314.17 (c) Exception
  16. Flat NM cable stapled on edge. (must lay flat under staple)—334.30
  17. Where installed in thermal insulation, SE cable for interior branch ckts and feeders shall be used at the 60 degree ampacity.338.10 (B)(4)(a)
  18. NM cable insulation not ¼” minimum inside outlet boxes.—314.17 (c)
  19. Stairway Illumination at each landing or each stair section.—VRC R303.7
  20. Ceiling fans, hanging fixtures located within 3’ horizontal zone of rims of tubs and showers.---410.10 (d)
  21. Smoke detectors not located inside each sleeping area as well as immediately outside the sleeping areas and on each level of the dwelling unit---VRC 314.1
  22. Switches controlling lighting must include a neutral at the switch box. Exceptions when cable can be fished from accessible attic or crawlspace, etc. 404.2 (c)
  23. Recessed light housings not approved for insulated ceilings. Must be IC rated where installed in contact with insulated ceilings.—410.116
  24. Tub motor not bonded to metal piping associated with tub equipment.—680.74
  25. Receptacle outlets not spaced properly.—210.52
  26. Equipment grounds inside outlet boxes not joined together with approved connectors ie: crimps, wire nuts. 250.148
  27. Tub motor access not framed large enough to service/replace motor,--680.73

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