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Building Safety/Permits


101-E Mounts Bay Rd.

Williamsburg, VA 23185

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P: 757-253-6626


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Good Morning. Building Safety and Permits has 101 inspections with 2 leftover for today, October 24, 2014. Laura Kirkpatrick and Randy Olson are out of the office today. Please note that a SHOWER PAN LINER INSPECTION is required if a ceramic tile or other field installed shower receptor covering is being used. This can be a separate inspection in addition to the regular plumbing rough in if necessary and must be scheduled and approved prior to the installation of tile or other materials. The inspection includes a leak test of the liner, and requires a minimum of two inches of water measured at the threshold. This inspection is also required for Schluter Systems. Have a great weekend.

Contact: Allen Turner - Assistant Building Official - 757-253-6684

*Plan Review

David Kent, Karolee Towe and Calvin Le will be reviewing plans today, Oct. 24.

We are currently reviewing residential permit applications submitted on: Oct. 6, 2014.

We are currently reviewing commercial permit applications submitted on: Oct. 7, 2014.

Contact: Allen Turner or David Wolfe Kent - 757-253-6626

*Inspection Reminders

NOTE: When scheduling inspections on the new e-permit website please remember the following:

For new 1&2 Family dwellings, the trade permits will automatically be scheduled at the time the framing inspection is requested. Trade inspections will not be conducted prior to framing inspections.

For alterations/additions, each trade permit holder must request their own inspections as those are not automatically scheduled.

We will not conduct a final building inspection until all trade inspections have passed. Trade inspections will not be done concurrently with the final building inspection. Final building inspections scheduled without all other trades passed will automatically be cancelled.

Please remember to schedule a concrete encased electrode inspection when a footing inspection has been scheduled for a new building.

*Items of Interest - June

Carriage Bolts

Carriage Bolts are NOT recognized by the AF&PA NDS (National Design Specification for Wood Construction) for wood-to-wood structural applications.

AF&PA NDS references; ANSI B18.2.1 – machine bolts and lag screws and ANSI B18.6.1 – wood screws

The specification for carriage bolts is ANSI B18.5 and is NOT referenced in the NDS. Since it is not referenced, the performance or load for carriage bolts in wood-to-wood applications is not available. Therefore, it is NOT a code-compliant fastener for structural application for a wood-to-wood connection. They do not provide the same performance as a machine bolt and are not recognized by the referenced standard in the code (AF&PA NDS) for wood-to-wood fastener connections.

Additionally, a metal plate, metal strap, or washer not less than a standard cut washer shall be between the wood and the bolt head and between the wood and the nut. NDS – ’05 –, C11.1.2.3-Bolts

How would you get a properly sized washer on a carriage bolt since carriage bolts typically have a square shoulder and washers typically have a round inside dimension?

The purpose of the washer under the head and nut prevent localized crushing of the wood at bolt holes.

  • How would you tighten a carriage bolt without crushing the wood?

 All crawl space floor elevations should be at the same or higher elevation than the perimeter grade unless soil conditions are proven to exist that drains readily, the foundation is waterproofed or foundation drains are installed.


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