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Contact: 757-253-6684

Good Morning,

Building Safety and Permits has 94 inspections requested for today, April 18. Wayne Ricker and Randy Olson are out of the office today. We should complete all inspection requests today. Have a great weekend.

ATTENTION RESIDENTIAL PERMIT HOLDERS:  Our online inspection request system has been modified and upgraded to reflect the following changes:

Effective immediately, when a residential framing inspection is requested, all trade rough-in inspections that have not been already inspected will be automatically scheduled

We will continue to inspect trade permits on alterations, additions and homeowner’s permits as they are schedule

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2013:  For new single family homes, trades will not be inspected prior to a framing inspection being scheduled.  Trade inspections scheduled prior to a framing inspection will be cancelled.

Items of information discussed at inspections staff meeting for your use:

In general basement slabs on residential work need inspection, unless no point loads with thickened slabs or footings exist, no insulation is required and no compacted fill was added other than less than 24 inches of stone. Garage slabs need inspection if compacted fill was added, other than up to24 inches of stone, and if any structural elements are present such as wire mesh or reinforcing steel. Both slabs require vapor barriers unless the garage is detached.

Additions to existing homes must meet energy code requirements for air barriers.  For small one room additions we will not require an air barrier inspection although you may request one.  Large additions of multiple rooms must request an air barrier inspection unless it is an unconditioned area.  In either case code requirements must be met, and infractions will be cited if noted.  Fireplace chases and tub walls will be inspected for air barriers on framing inspections.

Chinese drywall remediation will require two permits, one for removal of affected material and one for installation of new materials.  Procedures listed in the USBC at section must be followed.

Due to safety considerations published by plastic plumbing pipe and pipe cement manufacturers; we will no longer accept any air testing alone on plastic pipe.  All plastic pipes must be hydrostatically tested.  Plastic water distribution lines must be filled with water prior to pressurizing.  Plastic DWV piping must be filled to a 10 foot head of water pressure. 

Our inspectors will not enter a trench deeper than four feet for an inspection unless properly stepped or shored. Spoils must be located a safe distance from the trench. If required to enter the trench, there must be two people on the site.

Modular homes must have the manufacturer’s installation instructions on site for a framing inspection upon setting the modules.

All crawl space floor elevations should be at the same or higher elevation than the perimeter grade unless soil conditions are proven to exist that drains readily, the foundation is waterproofed or foundation drains are installed.

Our IVR phone based inspection scheduling system was not working consistently and has been phased out.  All contractors and permit holders wishing to schedule an inspection should call our office at 757-253-6620 to receive a Customer ID and a password number (available when a permit is issued)  and refer to the building safety and permits web page for instructions under “NEW – e-permit website”  Inspections may be scheduled online as well as viewing results.

NOTE:  When scheduling inspections on the new e-permit website please remember the following:

When scheduling a web based inspection, please try not to duplicate a request for the same inspection.

This appears on our pending list as an inspection request that is not assigned and creates confusion.  Do not call in an inspection at the front counter and duplicate it on the web based requests, Thank you.

We will not conduct a final building inspection until all trade inspections have passed. Trade inspections will not be done concurrently with the final building inspection.  Final building inspections scheduled without all other trades passed will automatically be cancelled.

Please remember to schedule a concrete encased electrode inspection when a footing inspection has been scheduled for a new building.

Footing inspections must pass before a first foundation request will be authorized.

Inspections must generally be conducted in the proper sequence.  Thank you for your help in tracking your own inspections prior to requests; it should be a simple matter with access to e-permits.  It helps us get the inspections scheduled for when you need them.

Please see the table In the International Energy Conservation Code (2009 IECC Table 402.4.2) “Air Barrier and Insulation Inspection Component Criteria” to familiarize yourself with what we are looking for on a visual inspection on a residence when no blower door test is being done.  Remember that Air Leakage (Section 402.4) is a mandatory compliance section and must be done whether or not there is a visual inspection called for.  The IECC may be found online at  This table is applicable to all new homes and additions built under the 2009 Uniform Statewide Building Code.  Inspection requirements are found on the Building Safety and Permits web page under “Forms” entitled “Minimum Required Inspections”

Please remember when scheduling an air barrier inspection that you must consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the air barrier you are using as well as the flashing details for your windows.  It would expedite inspections if this information was available on the jobsite.

Contact: Wayne Ricker or David Wolfe Kent

Plan Review

Charles Nyberg and Karolee Towe will be reviewing plans today (April 18, 2014). As of March 31, 2014 Ernie Gabler has retired.  We wish Ernie well as he pursues other interests.


We are currently reviewing residential permit applications submitted on:

  • New homes: March 21, 2014
  • Small jobs: March 26, 2014
  • HVAC reviews: April 15, 2014


We are currently reviewing commercial permit applications submitted on:

  • Large jobs: April 7, 2014
  • Small jobs: March 26, 2014

Fasteners penetrating preservative-treated wood.

Residential Plan Review

Please note that the effective date of the 2009 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) was March 1, 2011.

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