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Electrical Permit Procedure


Who should file for a electrical permit? Electrical permits should be applied for by the subcontractor performing the work. However, the homeowner or property owner may obtain the permit, but is not recommended if a contractor has been hired.

What do I need to get a electrical permit? When completing an Accessory Application, provide the general information:

  • contractor name
  • description of the work being performed
  • include the number of devices for permits that include outlets, equipment, or appliances and amperage
  • project address
  • property owner name

What if I am applying for temporary service? If you are applying for temporary service for new construction, please provide the service amperage. If the temporary service is being placed on a parcel other than where the work is being performed, approval from that property owner is required.

What if I have a commercial project? Drawings may be required if the project is commercial or complex in nature, this may include load calculations and diagrams.

Is there a permit fee? Yes. The Board of Supervisors determined the fee schedule. A fee schedule is available from the Building Safety and Permits Division, the Citizens Assistance Office, or on this website.

Electrical Permit Fee

The minimum fee for any electrical permit is $50, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy.

For the installation of each electrical service system in new construction, the fee is determined from the rated size of the service panels in amperes as follows:

Single Phase

Three Phase

0-60 amps



61-100 amps



101-150 amps



151-200 amps



Over 200 amps plus



plus $15 for each additional 50 amps or fraction thereof.)

(a 2 percent State levy will be added to all of the above)

For the installation of a temporary service, or the reconnection of a mobile home, the fee is $50, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy.

For increasing the size of the electrical service to any building structure, or mobile home, the fee is $50, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy, for service up to and including 200 amperes; or $50 plus $15, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy, for each 50 amperes or fraction thereof over 200 amperes. For relocation of any existing service for which the size is not increased, the fee is $50.00, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy. No additional fee shall be charged for outlets when the size of service is increased.

For the addition to any existing electrical installation, the fee is based on the number of outlets to be installed at the following rates:

1-100 outlets $50.00
Over 100 outlets, plus $0.20 for each outlet over 100 $50.00
(a 2 percent State levy is added to the above).


No fee paid for any permit covered under Section 4-8 of the Code shall be refunded unless the permit application is denied and a permit is not issued or the permit is issued in error. If a permit is revoked, abandoned or the project for which the permit is obtained is discontinued, a portion of the permit fee may be refunded after deducting $25, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy, for administrative costs plus $15, plus the addition of a 2 percent State levy, for each normal inspection that has been made. No permit fee, the value of which is $25 or less, will be refunded.


Where the owner of any premises is the United States of America, the commonwealth, the county or instrumentalities thereof, the payment of any permit fee established in Section 4-8 of the Code is hereby waived. When the Housing and Community Development Administrator certifies that the work for which application has been made is funded through his office or a related program and requests that fees be waived, then the request shall be granted.

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