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Contact Information:


Colonial Community Criminal

Justice Board

4093 Ironbound Rd., Suite B
Williamsburg, VA 23188


P: 757-564-2311
F: 757-229-8963



Hal Diggs, Director of

Colonial Community Corrections


Hours of Operation


8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


CCJB - Committee Goals and Strategies


Each committee is assigned a goal from the Criminal Justice Action Plan.  The committees then develop strategies and objectives designed to achieve the overall goal. . Committee membership is comprised of CCCJB board members as well as other professionals from all areas of the criminal justice and social services systems. The following Goals and Strategies are the result of the adopted 2010-2013 Criminal Justice Action Plan which will be reviewed yearly.

Public Relations/Communication Committee

Facilitate communication and coordination among and between criminal justice agencies and the public.

  • Strategy A: Provide the public with information about the CCCJB and the criminal justice system.
  • Strategy B: Facilitate communication between member agencies in order to provide efficient and unduplicated services.

Juvenile Justice Committee

Improve services and outcomes for those served by the Juvenile Justice System.

  • Strategy A: Maintain communication with juvenile justice system providers.
  • Strategy B: Facilitate and support restorative justice practices within the schools, criminal justice and human services system.
  • Strategy C: Provide a forum for local agencies to exchange ideas and information to provide improved services to children and families within the criminal justice and human services system.
  • Strategy D:  Provide DCJS accredited training opportunities for CCCJB localities regarding gangs.
  • Strategy E:  Research, develop, and provide programs for delinquency prevention.

Substance Abuse Committee

Decrease substance abuse in our communities and enhance the quality of substance abuse services and treatment provided to persons involved with the criminal justice system.

  • Strategy A: Represent CCCJB at HTSAC Quarterly Project Committee meetings to advocate for persons involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Strategy B: Collaboratively, the CCCJB, the CSB’s and other agencies will broaden the scope of substance abuse services of inmates housed in VPRJ.
  • Strategy C: Serve as contact/referral source for criminal justices service agencies seeking assistance.

Funding/Finance Committee

Improve funding for the CCCJB member agencies to better serve the criminal justice service population.

  • Strategy A: Seek stable, adequate funding for CCCJB staff.
  • Strategy B: Act as an advocate for the needs of CCCJB member agencies.

Special Projects Committee (Mental Health)/Cross Systems Mapping Stakeholders

Reduce the number of persons with mentally Illness who are incarcerated.

  • Strategy A: Increase Bed Availability at 3 points: #1-Receiving Center, Psychiatric; #2 Crisis Stabilization in area; #3 for Restoration of Competency and  TDOs.
  • Strategy B: Determine the level of need and increase the availability of restoration services.
  • Strategy C: Determine the level of need and increase the availability of diversion planning.
  • Strategy D: Increase housing opportunities for persons with mental illnesses.
  • Strategy E:  Encourage Public Private Partnerships throughout CCCJB localities to support services for persons with mental illnesses.
  • Strategy F:  Increase Comprehensive Case Management Services

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