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Fourth Grade Teachers


James City County  Fire Public Fire Education 4th Grade ProgramJames City County Fire Public Fire Education 4th Grade Program

This is a 3 week program, one 45 minute block per week.  The program requires participation from parents, teachers and children.

SOL’s covered:

Science  4.3 – The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity.  Key concepts include basic circuits

English   4.1 - The student will use effective oral communication skills in a variety of settings.

  • Contribute to group discussions
  • Seek ideas and opinions of others
  • Use evidence to support opinions
  • Use grammatically correct language and specific vocabulary to communicate ideas

English 4.5 - The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction.

  • Formulate questions that might be answered in the selection
  • Make simple inferences, using information from texts
  • Identify new information gained from reading


Fire  HazardsKey Terms and Concepts
  • Home Escape Plan
  • Fire Hazards
  • Burn Prevention



The students will –

  • Complete their home escape plan, including smoke alarms, two exits, how to write the plan as a family, special considerations, and a safety check list.
  • See fire safety videos, which emphasize the reality of a fire in a home and the correct actions to take to escape.
  • See and discuss common fire hazards found in homes
  • Discuss the fire triangle
  • Complete a home fire drill with their families
  • See examples of common electrical and kitchen fire hazards
  • Participate with Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll
  • Identify different types of burns and how you can become burned
  • Discuss burn treatment
  • See and discuss fire extinguishers; adults only should use them!
  • See and discuss cooking safety
  • Discuss arson, false alarms, fireworks and outdoor fire safety
  • Visit several websites with educational fire safety games