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Stormwater Division

5320 Palmer Lane, 2A
Williamsburg, VA 23185

P: 757-259-1440
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PRIDE stands for Protecting Resources in Delicate Environments. PRIDE is the educational component of the County's water quality program. The goal of PRIDE is to improve water quality in James City County by teaching residents about the importance of watershed protection while providing residents and neighborhoods with specific watershed restoration and protection tools.

Hours of Operation


7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday


BMP Maintenance



Currently, James City County has over 600 stormwater management facilities (BMP's). Most are either dry (detention) or wet (retention) pond type facilities.

A structural BMP is an engineered control practice designed to minimize impacts to surface and groundwater systems, control non-point source pollution and control potential localized flooding due to increases in impervious cover. Non-point source pollution can include sediment, nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, oil and grease, pesticides, temperature increases, heavy metals and any other material that washes into the storm drainage system from streets and developed property.

Ongoing proper maintenance is essential to ensure proper performance and to maintain the design intent, stormwater function, structural integrity and life expectancy of a stormwater management facility.

Routine Maintenance

Includes landscaping and aesthetic maintenance such as grass, tree and shrub care, wetland plant care, re-seeding and mulching, slope stabilization, grass mowing, pruning, filling and repair of gully erosion, repair of shoreline, animal control caused by nuisance rodents, removal of invasive vegetation and minor sediment cleaning. It also includes removal of debris, trash, sediment, vegetation and other matter that impedes or threatens to impede stormwater functioning or the structural integrity.

Non-Routine Maintenance

Includes the repair or replacement of structural components such as embankments, risers and outlet barrels, trash racks and anti-vortex devices, emergency spillways, pretreatment forebays, seepage controls, drains, water quality or quantity control devices, outlet protections or energy dissipators, shoreline stabilization, major sediment removal (excavation or dredging methods), and any other special operational structures.


Routine and non-routine maintenance costs for BMPs vary considerably according to topography, soils, runoff, land use, designed and constructed features, type and degree of buffer vegetation, native wildlife-insect-plant species, material availability, and the level of care exercised by the owner. Contact the Stormwater Division for specifics.

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