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Planning Commission Public Hearing Notice


The Planning Commission of James City County, Virginia, will hold a public hearing on Monday, August 16, 2004, at 7:00 p.m. in the County Government Center Board Room, 101-F Mounts Bay Road, James City County, Virginia, to consider the following:


Case Nos. Z-05-04 & MP-05-04. New Town Section 3&6 Rezoning and Master Plan and MP-08-04 New Town Section 2&4 Master Plan Amendment. Mr. Greg Davis has applied on behalf of New Town Associates, LLC, to rezone approximately 69.2 acres of land in Section 3 and 6 that is currently zoned R-8, Rural Residential with proffers to MU, Mixed Used with proffers to construct a maximum of 470 dwelling units with an overall density cap of 4.5 dwelling units per acre and construct a maximum of 220,000 nonresidential square feet. The New Town Section 2 and 4 Master Plan will be amended by transferring 150 dwelling units and 70,000 non-residential square feet from Section 2 and 4 to Section 3 and 6 and will not change the overall New Town permitted non-residential square footage. The Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map designates this property for Mixed Use development with the principal suggested uses are a mixture of commercial, office and limited industrial with some residential secondary uses. This property is adjacent to Ironbound Road and is located west of the intersection of Ironbound Road and Monticello Avenue and is more specifically identified as a portion of Parcel No. (1-57) on the James City County Real Estate Tax Map No. (38-4).


Case No. Z-04-04/MP-07-04. Ironbound Village. Mr. James Peters of AES Engineering has applied on behalf of Cutting Edge Development, L.L.C. and George S. Hankins Jr. & Howard B. Hankins to rezone approximately 1.4 acres at 5300, 5304, 5320, 5324, and 5340 Palmer Lane from MU, Mixed Use with proffers, to MU, Mixed Use with amended proffers. The applicant has proposed to amend the Master Plan by replacing one office building with a parking lot which decreases the commercial floor area by 4,500 square feet, and to amend the existing proffer related to the phasing of development in Ironbound Village. The property is also known as Parcel Nos. (13-1a), (13-2B), (13-3), (13-4), and (13-1b) on James City County Real Estate Tax Map No. (39-1). The property is designated as Low Density Residential on the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map. Low density areas are residential developments or land suitable for such developments with gross densities up to one dwelling unit per acre depending on the character and density of surrounding development, physical attributes of the property, buffers, the number of dwellings in the proposed development, and the degree to which the development is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.


Case No. Z-9-04.Oaktree Office Park Airtight Self Storage Proffer Amendment. Ms. Jeanette Brady has applied to rezone approximately 5.7 acres from B-1, General Business, with proffers, to B-1, General Business, with amended proffers. The request seeks to amend a 1997 proffer which limits the total building footprint for mini-storage buildings on the site to 40,000 square feet. The amendment is necessary to accommodate a portion of the proposed 15,000 square foot mini-storage warehouse building footprint on the existing Oaktree site. The property is located just north of the Five Forks intersection at 3356 Ironbound Road in the Berkeley District and is designated Mixed Use on the Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map. Community-scale office development with complimentary building types and moderate density residential development are examples of uses that are envisioned for this Mixed Use area. The property is further identified as Parcel No. (1-26) on James City County Real Estate Tax Map No. (47-1).


O.Marvin Sowers , Jr., Director of Planning



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