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Public Hearing Notice - November 7, 2005


The Planning Commission of James City County, Virginia, will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 7, at 7:00 p.m. in the County Government Center Board Room, 101-F Mounts Bay Road, James City County, Virginia, to consider the following:


Case No. Z-16-05 & MP-13-05: New Town Section 9 - Settler's Market


A joint application has been submitted by AIG Baker Development, LLC and Developer's Realty Corporation to rezone 50.3 acres of land located at 5224, 5244 and 5246 Monticello Avenue currently zoned R-8, Rural Residential and M-1, Limited Business/Industrial to MU, Mixed Use. The property is also known as Parcels (1-3), (1-2), (1-52) and a portion of (24-3) on the James City County Real Estate Tax Map No. (38-4). Under the proposed Master Plan, a range of 330,000 to 350,000 square feet of buildings are proposed with a range of 57 to 118 condominium or townhouse units. The site is designated for Mixed Use development by the James City County Comprehensive Plan. Mixed Use areas are centers within the Primary Service Area where higher density development, redevelopment and/or a broader spectrum of land uses are encouraged.


Case No. Z-15-05 & MP-12-05. Stonehouse Planned Community Amendment


Mr. Greg Davis and Mr. Tim Trant have submitted a revised rezoning and master plan application on behalf of Stonehouse Capital, LLC to amend the Master Plan and proffers to accomplish the following: change land uses within previously approved land bays; incorporate the Stinette Tract as Planned Unit Development-Residential (PUD-R); and adjust the boundary line between Planned Unit Development-Commercial and PUD-R. There is no proposed increase to the total number of approved residential units within the Stonehouse Planned Community (which is approximately 4,684 acres). The Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map designates this property for Mixed Use and Low Density Residential development. The property is located at or in the vicinity of 9151, 9101, 9186, 9100, 9750, 9301, 9251, 9451, 9501, 9401, 9250, 9400, 9150, 9600, 9601, 9750, 9800, and 9801 Mount Zion Road, 9235 Fieldstone Parkway, 3820 Rochambeau Drive, 170 Sand Hill Road, 3600 and 3900 Mt. Laurel Road, 4100, 4130, 4170, and 4150 Ware Creek Road, 3612 LaGrange Parkway, 9760 Mill Pond Run and 10251, 9501, 9675, and 9551 Sycamore Landing Road in Toano, VA that is more specifically identified as Parcels (1-25), (1-27), (1-28) (1-29) on Tax Map (4-4), Parcel (1-10) on Tax Map (5-3), Parcels (1-1), (1-2) (1-3), (1-4) on Tax Map (6-3), Parcels (1-1), (1-2) on Tax Map (6-4), Parcels (1-20), (1-21), (1-29), (1-22) on Tax Map (7-4), Parcel (1-47) on Tax Map (12-1), Parcels (1-3), (1-2), (1-13), (1-5), (1-4), (1-6), (1-8), (1-7), (1-11), (1-9), (1-10), (1-12) on Tax Map (5-4), Parcels (1-8A), (1-19), (1-21), (1-22) on Tax Map (13-1), Parcels (1-2), (1-1) on Tax Map (6-1), Parcels (1-27), (1-28) on Tax Map (13-2), Parcel (1-26) on Tax Map (12-2), Parcel (1-1) on Tax Map (7-1).


Case No. ZO-06-05 Zoning Ordinance Amendment - Retail Garden Supply


An ordinance to amend and reordain Chapter 24, Zoning, of the Code of the County of James City Virginia, by amending Article V, Districts, Division 2, General Agriculture District, A-1, Sections 24-212 or 24-213, Permitted uses and uses permitted by special use permit only, to allow facilities for the retail sales of gardening supplies in the General Agriculture Zoning District either by-right or upon the issuance of a special use permit by the Board of Supervisors.


Case No. Z-13-04/MP-10-04/SUP-31-04. Monticello at Powhatan North. Mr. Tim Trant of Kaufman and Canoles has applied on behalf of Powhatan Enterprises, Inc. to rezone 36.48 acres of land from R-8, Rural Residential, to R-2, General Residential, with a Cluster Overlay and proffers. The applicant proposes the development of 91 condominiums at a gross density of 2.49 units per acre. The property is located at 4450 Powhatan Parkway and is also known as Parcel (1-01) on the James City County Real Estate Tax Map No. (38-3). The site is designated as Low Density Residential on the 2003 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map and is within the Powhatan Creek Watershed. Uses recommended by the Comprehensive Plan within the Low Density Residential designation include very limited commercial establishments, single family homes, duplexes, and cluster housing with a recommended gross density of 1 unit per acre up to 4 units per acre in developments that offer particular public benefits.


O. Marvin Sowers, Jr., Director of Planning


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