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Hampton Roads Incubator System Celebrates the Graduation of Clients: Solus LLC, Tao Systems, Blacksmith Technologies, Inc., Mombaur International Consulting Solutions, and Perceiva



Contact information:
Jennifer Barker, Director of Client Services
5300 Palmer Lane, Suite 2A Williamsburg




Hampton Roads Incubator System Celebrates the Graduation of Clients: Solus LLC, Tao Systems, Blacksmith Technologies, Inc., Mombaur International Consulting Solutions, and Perceiva


The Hampton Roads Technology Incubator System is pleased to announce the graduation of five of its clients:  Solus LLC, Tao Systems, Blacksmith Technologies, Inc., Mombaur International Consulting Solutions, and Perceiva.  Through their successful completion of the incubator process, each of these companies is deemed to be a self-sustaining, profit-making entity for the region.  With their graduation from the Incubator System, all five companies have proven both the legitimacy and strength of their individual business models and the incubator model as a whole.  The Hampton Roads Technology Incubator System thanks all those in the community who helped these businesses, and others, in the Incubator System.


The Hampton Roads Technology Incubator System


The Hampton Roads Technology Incubator System (HRTIS) is dedicated to nurturing high-growth, high tech businesses into profitable industry leaders.  HRTIS promotes economic growth for Hampton and the County of James City by boosting the number of technology companies developing in or moving to the region, administering programs that help entrepreneurs operate these companies successfully and facilitating access to technologies developed in the region's universities, government and industrial labs, in the effort to commercialize.  HRTIS’ “clients” can be either new start-ups or spin-offs from existing companies.  HRTIS clients receive a wide range of individualized services from the HRTIS staff and its state, local, and university partners.  HRTIS provides clients with preferred access to resources, without promising preferred outcomes.  HRTIS helps its clients question assumptions and refine business models, prepare to seek capital, understand markets, plan business futures, build networks of potential advisors, set milestones and measure progress, get training to succeed in business, and access resources for running a business. 


The expected client incubation period typically lasts three years. However, companies can remain as a client until they reach a state (as measured by assets and cash flow) that indicates they have the ability to continue progress toward the goals set in their business plans. Tim Early, Executive Director of HRTIS, monitors their maturity and helps them develop to a point where they can survive on their own. More specifically, HRTIS graduates companies when they have met all the milestones established in their Client Agreements. The Client Agreement is a document that is negotiated when clients first enter the program and is updated periodically as they progress.


Tim Early, speaking on the five graduate clients, had this to say:  “It’s been a pleasure working with these graduates over the years. They deserve badges of honor for their perseverance. Fortunately, graduation does not mean that our association ends. Most end up as mentors to our future clients. We wish them the best even though we know it is not needed…..they have already succeeded.”


SOLUS Solutions and Technologies LLC


SOLUS Solutions and Technologies L. L. C. is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that was founded in 1997. SOLUS is an idea company that develops creative and innovative aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, and flow control technology and solutions for all sectors of the transportation community.  The company provides a full range of aerodynamic and fluid dynamic technology development services that include consulting, experimental testing, prototype development and computational design. The SOLUS intellectual property and technology portfolio includes innovations related to aircraft design, ground transportation systems, sporting equipment, watercraft design, and fluid flow management.  SOLUS is a recognized leader in the development of aerodynamic drag reduction technologies for the heavy truck community where SOLUS technologies have demonstrated a15% improvement in fuel economy.  The five first-generation aerodynamic-based heavy truck fuel economy improvement devices were recently licensed to an industry leader in 2007.  The company is presently focused on: pushing the heavy truck technology into the light and medium truck sector, and the development of second generation technology and solutions to improve ground vehicle fuel economy by more than 20%.


Richard M. Wood is the President of SOLUS Solutions and Technologies L. L. C. Mr. Wood stated that “The Hampton Incubator provided the top rungs of the business ladder that allowed SOLUS to reach economic viability and professional acceptance.”


Tao Systems (Tao of Systems Integration, Inc.)


Tao Systems develops and markets best-of-its-class sensors, electronic measurement products and intelligent signal processing technologies for the aerospace, marine, automotive, and defense industries. Tao Systems has received over a dozen SBIR/STTR Phase II awards from NASA/USAF/US Navy. It has received grant from DARPA for advanced sensor development. Tao Systems supports NASA’s National Engineering and Safety Center under a subcontract. Innovations introduced by Tao Systems have been highlighted in internationally acclaimed aerospace magazines like Aviation Week & Space Technology and Aerospace America. Their intellectual property portfolio includes numerous US and international patents.


For over a decade, Tao Systems has sold products and rendered engineering consulting services to companies like Airbus, Bell Helicopter Textron, BMW, Boeing, GE, Lockheed-Martin, Newport News Shipbuilding, Northrop-Grumman, P&W, Rolls Royce, Volvo, and aerospace, automotive, and marine R&D organizations, and academic institutions worldwide. Tao Systems’ sensors and technology have been used by champion sailboat racing teams like Alinghi (winner in 2003 and 2007), Oracle Racing, AmericaOne, Prada, and others competing for the America’s Cup.


The accumulated experience in aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and measurement electronics has allowed Tao Systems to provide innovative solutions in the most challenging and diverse environment.  Products range from sensors and thermal anemometers for flow characterization, novel water-speed and airspeed sensors covering the entire range from the very low to supersonic and hypersonic speeds. The airspeed sensor is designed to operate at very high altitudes and even in the Martian environment. Tao Systems has introduced a revolutionary method to measure, monitor, and control aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces generated by rigid as well as flexible surfaces. This technology is being developed with the support of the USAF SBIR Phase II for high altitude long endurance (HALE) platforms such as the SensorCraft.

Tao Systems has just recently initiated an aggressive commercialization plan for their products and are looking for partners, joint ventures, and possible production and marketing of products and technology under-license or outright purchase.


Dr. Siva Mangalam is the founder of Tao Systems. Dr. Siva stated “HRTI and its enthusiastic staff have permitted Tao Systems to build a business base and thrive in a safe and exciting environment among other small businesses pursuing their respective dreams to develop high tech products and services. HRTI has always been on the look out for helping its clients with advanced business tools and exposure to support services in different areas from business planning to intellectual property protection, accounting, investment and legal services. A big and sincere thank you, HRTI!"


Blacksmith Technologies Inc.


Blacksmith is a software company specializing in application development for Apple’s Macintosh computers. Blacksmith’s flagship product, Chartsmith, is a well known and highly regarded charting and graphing application for Mac OS X. Blacksmith seeks to leverage its expertise and brand into broader markets by developing, a web site dedicated to providing data visualization products through web browsers.


At present, charts, graphics, and other data visualization products are only available through large expensive desktop applications like Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, the range of products (pie, bar, XY charts) offered is narrow. With anyone with a web browser will have access to these tools, and as a web-based application, development and deployment of a wide range of data visualization products is very easy.


Tony Rennier is the founder of Blacksmith Technologies.


Mombaur International Consulting Solutions LLC


Mombaur International Consulting Solutions LLC is a branch of the german mother-company Mombaur GbR.

Mombaur offers a highly developed test laboratory for the external realization of tests. They execute the tests for all software and hardware development projects. The test lab saves you time and money, supports you with the Know How, and gives you a certification as "Tested by //Test IT..."


Roland Mombaur is the founder of Mombaur International Consulting Solutions LLC




Perceiva is an industry-leading provider of hosted and integrated communication solutions for small business. Leveraging the power of Web 2.0 technologies, they bring together Voice-Over-IP, groupware, and customer relationship technology in innovative ways, enabling you to improve the level of service you provide to your customers. Perceiva offers solutions for small businesses and remote businesses and presents a hosted solution if desired.

Perceiva has partnered with many of the leading technology companies to provide small business communication solutions. Perceiva has a firm commitment to the open source community which allows them to easily integrate existing systems. They also have an arsenal of industry standard partners that they work with to provide the best solutions. These strategic alliances with companies like Zimbra, SwitchVox, Polycom, Cisco, VMware, and RIM enable Perceiva to provide a complete portfolio for small business communication needs.


Greg Smith, CEO of Perceiva, stated "The James City County Technology Incubator through its relationship with the Business Development Center at William and Mary was able to give us the tools to bring our company to profitability."


The City of Hampton


The City of Hampton has long been a supporter and driving force behind the success of the Hampton Technology Incubator.   


The County of James City


The County of James City is a recent supporter and the driving force behind the success of the James City County Technology Incubator. 


If you would like more information on this topic or to meet with a client or the Executive Director, please contact Jennifer Barker @ 757.345.1310 or email Jennifer at




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