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Public Hearing Notice

The Planning Commission of James City County, Virginia, will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. in the County Government Center Board Room, 101-F Mounts Bay Road, James City County, Virginia, to consider the following:

Zoning Ordinance Amendment: To amend Chapter 24, Zoning, Article I, In General, by adding Section 24-24, Additional requirements for submittal; to require certain applicants to provide evidence that all delinquent taxes on the subject property have been paid.

SUP-0015-2010 Chanco’s Grant Greensprings Trail Amendment: An application to amend a Special Use Permit to allow construction of a greenway trail on the Five Forks Water Treatment Facility property. The site is located at 3123 Ironbound Road, is zoned R-8, Rural Residential.  The property can be further identified as JCC Tax Map No. 4620100034, and is designated by the Comp Plan as Federal, State, and County Land.  Recommended uses include military institutions, County offices and facilities, and larger utility sites.

SUP-0016-2010 La Tienda – Virginia Packaging: An application for a Special Use Permit to allow a food processing operation in the Toano Business Center.  The site is located at 8105 Richmond Road Nos. 101, 102, and 103, and is zoned M-1, Limited Business with proffers.  The property can further be identified as JCC Tax Map Nos. 1240600101, 1240600102, and 1240600103, and is designated by the Comp Plan as General Industry.  Recommended uses include those that maximize the industrial opportunities in an area and include manufacturing and warehousing.  Secondary uses include office and a limited amount of commercial development.

SUP-0014-2010 Grove Christian Outreach Center:  An Application for a Special Use Permit to allow a house of worship in excess of 2,750 square feet.  The site is located at 8798 and 8800 Pocahontas Trail and is zoned LB, Limited Business.  The properties can be further identified as JCC Tax Map No. 5910100026 and 5910100027 and are designated by the Comp Plan as Neighborhood Commercial. For areas within the Limited Business District, that are designated Neighborhood Commercial on the Comp Plan, a special use permit is required for any building that exceeds 2,750 square foot of building footprint.  Recommended uses include those that serve residents of the surrounding neighborhoods in the immediate area and include churches.

Z-0001-2010 Fast Food Restaurant at 8953 Pocahontas Trail: An application to rezone a one acre parcel located at 8953 Pocahontas Trail from M-2, General Industrial, to B-1, General Business with proffers, to construct a fast food restaurant.  The property is identified as JCC Tax Map No 5920100019 and is designated by the Comp Plan as Mixed Use.  Recommended uses include intensive commercial, office, and limited industrial purposes that maximize the efficient use of land.

AFD-1-94.  Wright’s Island Agricultural & Forestral District:  An application to renew the Wright’s Island Agricultural and Forestal District, which consists of approximately 1454 acres of land generally located between Little Creek Dam, Yarmouth Creek, and the Chickahominy River and further identified as JCC RE Tax Map Nos. 2030100001, 2030100003, 2030100004, 2020100028, and 2020100027.  The parcels are zoned A-1, General Agriculture, and are designated Rural Lands and Conservation Area on the Comprehensive Plan.  The owner of the parcel identified as JCC RE Tax Map No. 2020100028 has requested their property (approximately 75 acres) be withdrawn from the district. 


Allen J. Murphy, Jr., Director of Planning /Assistant Development Manager



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