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Planning Division
101-A Mounts Bay Rd.
Williamsburg, VA 23185

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P: 757-253-6685
F: 757-253-6822




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8 a.m. - 5 p.m.



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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I find out additional information about submittal procedures and requirements?

Please consult our development procedures page. Development plan checklists

2. When is the next submittal deadline for rezonings and special use permits?  Cases that require approval by the Development Review Committee?

Please consult the Planning calendar for deadlines and meeting dates. 

3. I submitted a site plan or subdivision a few weeks ago.  Where can I check on the status of this case?

Visit the CaseTrak page on the County website.  CaseTrak enables you to search for development cases in multiple ways (by street name, tax map number, case type or number, and more) and lets you access basic case information, check on the status of review, and view agency comments related to the selected case.

4. I see a red sign posted in front of a property.  Where can I find out what it means?

James City County must advertise and post signs on the property for all rezoning and special use permit applications that will be heard by the Planning Commission.  Try to write down the number on the sign or note the road the sign is on or a nearby landmark.  Try using CaseTrak to search for the case by street or subdivision name or case number.  Alternatively, you can either call the Planning Division to find out additional information or come into the office to view the case file and submitted plans.

5. Where do I find out the zoning of a piece of property?

Visit the Property Information site on the County webpage and search by property address or owner.  The zoning code is listed along with other information along the left side of the screen.  If there are any problems, please have the property address on hand and call the Planning Division - 757-253-6685.

6. Where can I learn what the permitted uses are for my property?

Permitted uses are determined by the zoning of your property.  Visit the County Code portion of the County webpage to view the section of the Zoning Ordinance that would apply to your property.  The requirements for each zoning district are listed in Chapter 24 Article 5 as follows:

  • Division 2: A-1 General Agricultural
  • Division 3: R-1 Limited Residential
  • Division 4: R-2 General Residential
  • Division 4.1: R-3 Residential Redevelopment
  • Division 5: R-4 Residential Planned Community
  • Division 6: R-5 Multifamily Residential
  • Division 7: R-6 Low-Density Residential
  • Division 8: R-8 Rural Residential
  • Division 9: LB Limited Business
  • Division 10: B-1 General Business
  • Division 11: M-1 Limited Business/Industrial
  • Division 12: M-2 General Industrial
  • Division 13: RT Research and Technology
  • Division 14: PUD Planned Unit Development
  • Division 15: MU Mixed Use


7.  Where can I find out what the setbacks for my property are?

Have the address of the property available and call the Planning Division - 757-253-6685.

8.   Where can I find a plat of my property?

Official survey plats are required as part of the building permit, conceptual plan, site plan, variance, rezoning, special use permit, and master plan application submittal packages.  The Planning Division does not keep a copy of the recorded plat on file.   If you are unable to obtain a plat from the current property owner (normally produced with property deed or land title) here are several options:

  1. In some cases, financial institutions require the recordation of a property survey along with the deed upon closing.  Check with the James City County-Williamsburg Courthouse - 757-564-2242.
  2. If any building permits have been obtained for additions, decks, pools, and/or accessory structures in the last 20 years, our Building Safety and Permits Division can assist you in finding the permit number.  The record itself can be pulled from the Records Management Division once you have the permit number.
  3. If your lot has been subdivided as part of a subdivision, a blanket plat of the entire subdivision can be found in the Records Management Division.  Individual plats may be available in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court - 757-564-2242 depending on closing requirements.

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