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Officers of the Year


2015 - Master Officer Josh Drury

DruryOver the last year, Master Officer Josh Drury has continued to provide exemplary service to the citizens of James City County, while maintaining a level of excellence that should set the example for others to follow.  He is an active member of the SWAT team, is a firearms instructor, and field training officer.  He has been involved in several projects while maintaining a high degree of effectiveness while on patrol.  One example of Officer Drury's accomplishments was researching and compiling all of the information for the purchase of the new Glock handguns.  All of his recommendations – caliber gun, light, holster – were chosen and purchased.  He also developed and administered (as lead instructor) the latest SWAT team tryout, with the organization and quality being praised by others.  He developed a building clearing lesson plan that has been implemented by SWAT and will soon be implemented department-wide.  Although a new firearms instructor, he implemented and taught a new training course on worst case scenarios which is being taught during in-service this year. 

Officer Drury's strong work ethic and attention to detail also serves him well on patrol.  He consistently leads his shift in marked areas of productivity.  He has great respect from his peers and serves on the Patrol Officer Advisory Committee.  He has begun training to be an assistant shift supervisor and is an active SWAT team leader.  He also has a strong commitment to the community.  For example, a local church donated fourteen individual meals for Thanksgiving that would've otherwise gone to waste.  He drove around and gave the food to citizens he knew that could use a decent meal.

Master Officer Josh Drury exemplifies the County's values of Integrity, Collaboration, Civility, Excellence, and Stewardship.  He is the department's 2015 Officer of the Year.

2014 - Master Officer Jason Slodysko

MPO Jason SlodyskoMaster Officer Jason Slodysko continues to be one of the most productive and active members of the department's Evening Shift.  Consistently and throughout this previous year, Officer Slodysko reached outside his scope of responsibilities to improve the performance and effectiveness of other police officers in this agency, as well as the images of the James City County Police Department and profession of law enforcement at-large. 

MPO Slodysko worked diligently for nine months to realize the acquisition of body cameras for patrol officers, with the goal of providing an evidentiary tool to benefit criminal prosecutions, protect individual and department liability, and serve as a useful tool in field training.  Further, he developed training to assist officers with how they should handle situations when they find themselves being video recorded by citizen encounter at calls for service.

MPO Slodysko coordinated a community event during major holidays whereby children of all ages were given toys and reading materials. This brought a smile to many children's faces and improved relationships between our department and citizens.

MPO Slodysko also readily takes on additional responsibilities on his shift and is relied upon to serve as an Officer-in-Charge in the absence of supervisory personnel. His dedication to his duties and his competence in his work performance make him an ideal candidate for this award.  He exemplifies the County values of integrity, collaboration, excellence and stewardship in all the work that he does.

A consummate team player, Master Officer Jason Slodysko is awarded as James City County's 2014 Officer of the Year.

2013 - Master Officer Sterling Perry

Master Officer Sterling PerryOver the last year, Master Officer Sterling Perry has shown his dedication to the Department and has exemplified himself as a team player; this is witnessed by his strong ability and his willingness to assist others.  A prime example is when Evening Shift experienced a shortage of officers for a time during the last year.  Officer Perry was one of the most-willing officers to volunteer to stay late, sometimes several times in a week and sometimes coming in to assist on his days off.  He recently competed and was selected to fill an opening on the Traffic Unit.  He also went through motorcycle training and is now one of only 6 motor officers within the Department.  Since joining the Traffic Unit, Officer Perry goes above and beyond, particularly in his drive to assist others.  He always monitors the radio and often volunteers to assist on any and every type of priority or emergency call.  He has also continued to serve as a SWAT team member and is always available for tactical operations regardless of the time of day or night. 

Officer Perry also displays dedication in the way in which he investigates his own cases and in the way in which he assists Investigations.  He is often sought out by Investigators whenever they have high-risk search or arrest warrants.  In the past year, he has also shown talent and ability in the development and use of informants.

Officer Perry has also shown that he is dedicated to community service.  He has participated in multiple events throughout the year, to include last summer’s National Night Out event.  He has participated in several community-based fundraising events while on his own time.

A consummate team player, Master Officer Sterling Perry is awarded as James City County’s 2013 Officer of the Year.

2012 – Senior Officer Todd Dill

Senior Officer Todd DillOn Thursday, May 17, 2012, the Police Department held its annual Awards Ceremony recognizing many officers for their continued high levels of service and dedication to safety in the community.  Citizens and other County employees that have been supportive of the Department’s efforts towards community safety were also recognized.  Senior Officer Todd Dill was named Officer of the Year.  A summary of his accomplishments is described below.

Over the last year Senior Officer Todd Dill has provided exemplary service to the Police Department and its citizens. He performs his many duties as a crime prevention officer, including:  bike patrol, mentoring at-risk students, coordinating neighborhood and business watch programs for his assigned zone, and providing presentations to various groups and businesses on crime prevention topics. In addition to these duties, Officer Dill is consistently assisting other officers, both in his assigned unit, as well as assisting patrol officers when needed. He goes above and beyond his normal assigned duties and sets a positive example for all.  In late 2011, Officer Dill coordinated the Department’s first "Shop with a Cop" program in an effort to brighten the holidays for underprivileged children.  In order to raise money for this worthwhile event, Officer Dill organized a Shred-A-Thon where citizens could bring documents to be destroyed as a way to help protect against identity theft and fraud.  The event was very successful and raised approximately $2,400 in donations that was used to help children designated by Social Services to buy much needed clothing and toys during the holidays.

Officer Dill also has for the last three years initiated and coordinated a car show that has collectively raised almost $10,000 for Project Lifesaver.  The show is becoming more popular each year, with $3,400 being raised during the car show last month.  The Project Lifesaver program is a free service offered to those citizens that suffer from a disease that may cause them to wander away and become lost, such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism.  It provides first responders a manner in which to track these citizens in the event that they do become lost.

2011 – Senior Investigator Bill Gibbs

Within the past year, Senior Investigator Bill Gibbs, a 27-year veteran, has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to duty and investigative expertise.  Inv. Gibbs is a “Team Player” as witnessed by his strong ability and drive to assist others.  He can be counted on to take charge or fill-in as the official “officer-in-charge” when needed.  His talents and efforts are witnessed everyday not only in the way he investigate cases but, also his drive to accomplish what he started, no matter how much time it will take.  He takes on new assignments without hesitation.  In the majority of his cases, the victims have suffered extraordinary loss of assets or theft of their identities. He realizes every case he is assigned is vital to clear, not only for him, but most importantly the victims.

The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office along with Adult Protective Service relies on his expert approach in investigating complex fraud cases and internet based crimes.  On several occasions, he was specifically asked for by the Williamsburg/James City County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to investigate sensitive fraud cases. He has a true talent for retrieving critical information and evidence from computers and computer storage devices.

Investigator Gibbs is always willing and eager to assist anyone that requires it.  He has often put his own work aside to help other investigators and officers.  He is sought out by patrol officers for guidance on how to proceed with investigations involving computers and/or fraud. He supports the Department’s community services efforts by participating in Big Brother Big Sister luncheons, National Night Out, and the 3rd Annual Rita Welsh Adult Literacy Program Shred-a-thon. Inv. Gibbs monitors the police radio at his desk and on several occasions he has left the building to respond to emergency calls for service and officers needing assistance. Most recently, during the aftermath of a bank robbery, he was asked to come back on duty after going home sick earlier.  He responded without hesitation to the bank to assist his fellow investigators. Inv. Gibbs’ can-do attitude and willingness to assist is appreciated by his supervisors and coworkers alike.

Inv. Gibbs has done more than just perform his duties as a White Collar Crimes Investigator. Throughout the past year, he gave several presentations on internet safety to various civic and community organizations; to include several school PTAs, neighborhood homeowner’s associations and churches in the community. Additionally, he is assigned as a sworn deputized agent with the FBI Peninsula Innocent Images Task force and the SOVA Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

He was the first James City County investigator to develop a child pornography case and take it before a Federal Grand Jury. He also assisted in numerous other Innocent Images Task Force operations, often serving as the Computer Specialist during the execution of the search warrant.  He participated in numerous undercover download operations which were referred to other FBI Field Offices for follow-up.  One of these involved a major distributor of child pornography. He serves as the sole computer forensic examiner in the department and he has continued to work with other members of our Innocent Images and Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force contingent and School Resource Officers to develop and implement presentations on Internet Safety. 

He has done all these things and still maintains one of the highest clearance rates in the Investigations Division. Inv. Gibbs made concentrated efforts to make James City County a safer community in which to live.  His outstanding service and dedication is to be commended.

2010 – Investigator David S. Rochard, Jr.

Within the past year, Investigator David Rochard has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to duty and performance as a Narcotics Investigators assigned to the Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force. The Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force is made up of investigators from Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office, James City County Police, Matthews County Sheriff’s Office, Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office, Poquoson Police Department, York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police Bureau of Investigation.

Inv. Rochard is a consummate “Team Player” and this is witnessed in his strong ability and willingness to assist others. Inv. Rochard devoted his talents and efforts to investigate his cases and accomplish what he started, no matter how much time it would take. Inv. Rochard committed 100 percent of his time and effort to the betterment of the Department and the communities we serve. He took on new assignments and helped other officers without hesitation. He used innovative techniques to improve officers’ physical fitness and morale within the Department.

Inv. Rochard worked during the past year to help make the Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force one of the most successful Drug Task Forces in the state of Virginia. During the past year, he worked with his partner to help James City County Police Department lead the Tri-Rivers Drug Taskforce in arrests, illegal drug seizures and asset forfeitures for several quarters. This alone speaks volumes to his dedication to duty and work ethics.

He worked diligently to address all drug complaints by citizens in the community.  Inv. Rochard was instrumental in maintaining a close relationship with the local US Attorney’s Office. This has continued to provide the Department with a wealth of resources to investigate and prosecute drug related crimes, interstate crimes, and any cases that would be better prosecuted in the federal court system. This has proven to be beneficial to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and The Drug Task Force. He spearheaded the investigation into the vice activities in the Newtown area of the County. He identified some of the main figures selling narcotics in drinking establishment through undercover drug purchases. He managed to gather enough information to indict several individuals selling narcotics inside the same establishment. The investigation is still ongoing.

The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office along with the City of Williamsburg, College of William & Mary and James City County relied on Investigator Inv. Rochard for his drug expert testimony in the prosecution of their cases. Over the past year, Inv. Rochard received several compliments on his investigations and his courtroom testimony by the Commonwealth Attorney Office and members of the local Defense Bar. 

Inv. Rochard routinely mentored and encouraged officers who had demonstrated interest in conducting narcotics investigations. He made concentrated efforts to provide those officers opportunities to participate & assist in investigations that stemmed from information that they provided. Inv. Rochard understands the importance of having good working relationships and levels of communication. His unassuming and down-to-earth approach in the way he communicates helped him to be very successful. He routinely met with patrol officers & Investigators to share information or provide investigative guidance. He monitors the police radio and would often respond to calls for service and crime scenes to assist other officers & investigators in need. He makes himself available to assist other investigators with their cases after hours and he makes an effort to stay current with all the major cases in James City County and the surrounding jurisdictions. He used his confidential informants to assist general assignment investigators with their cases. He often put his cases aside to support all Investigations Divisions’ operations.    

Inv. Rochard did more than just perform his duties as a narcotics investigator.  He is a long time instructor for the Citizen’s Police Academy. His class is always well received by the attendees and is one of the highlights of the academy. Inv. Rochard is a key operator on the JCCPD SWAT Team and is well respected by the members and leaders on the team. During the past year, he performed his duties as a SWAT Team operator in an exemplary manner. He often suggested ways to improve training and the performance of the team during operations. Simply put, Inv. Rochard takes charge in the absence of leadership. Inv. Rochard is one of the most physically fit officers in the Department and he helped organize the Police Department Softball team and the flag football games to increase the level of physical fitness among officers, camaraderie, and esprit de corp within the Police Department. Inv. Rochard holds himself to highest standard on and off duty.

There are many more examples that could be included in this nomination that would accurately reflect Inv. Rochard level of performance, dedication to duty, team player attitude, and loyalty to the Department. Inv. Rochard should be commended for his outstanding service and exceptional display of investigative expertise. This reflects highly on him, the Investigations Division, the Police Department, and the citizenry of  James City County. Inv. Rochard is hereby nominated as the James County Police Department's "2010 Officer of the Year." 

2009 – Master Officer Keith E. Campbell

Since 2001, Master Officer Keith Campbell has been a very valuable asset to the Department.  He is well-respected by supervisors and his fellow officers.  Now assigned to the Traffic Unit, Officer Campbell has managed the DMV 402 Highway Safety Grant area of the Traffic Unit since December 2007.  He has done an outstanding job in this area, as he has been very involved and has shown great initiative.  Our Grants Administrator, Stephanie Williams-Ortery has praised him for his organization, prompt and accurate reports for the DMV 402 Grant.

Officer Campbell has also supervised the Highway Safety Task Force since December 2007, which is comprised of 12 police officers from patrol shifts and specialized units within the Department.  Officer Campbell assigns them to overtime duties to combat impaired driving, occupant protection and speed enforcement.  Officer Campbell's organization of these assignments has produced effective results toward the safety of the Highways of James City County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Keith is also a member of the Police Department's SWAT team.  Not only has he participated in many “call-outs”, but he has also taken the lead in organizing and developing highly involved training to include the “Department’s Response to Active Shooter” and training in and around marine vessels.  Officer Campbell also serves as the department’s only M-16 and AR-15 Armorer.

Officer Campbell has been very involved with instructing the blocks of “Traffic Unit/Radar/Traffic Stops & DUI” as well as “Building Searches”, which has become a participant favorite, to the Citizen's Police Academy.  He is also involved with assisting in the instruction of SWAT equipment and firearms for the Citizen’s Police Academy. Officer Campbell has also participated in the “Every 30 Minutes” program with the School Resource Officers as well as several Child Safety Seat Inspection Stations.

Officer Campbell’s initiative and attention to detail has lead to him being involved with several “testing and evaluation” projects to include the FST Alco-Sensor and the ICOP Camera.  Officer Campbell has also had the opportunity to speak to these vendors with whom the Department has contracts with and pass on suggestions and solve common problems.  This has continued as he recently received training with the new accident scene and crime scene reconstruction equipment and the Visual Statement software.  These contacts have been very valuable to the relationship between the James City County Police Department and the vendor.

Master Officer Campbell also serves as an Instructor with the Commonwealth Services Board which trains police officers and prosecutors in the area of advanced DUI prosecution.  He has received compliments from the Department’s training Sergeant on his performance as an instructor for the Department’s training program.  Officer Campbell also has demonstrated this skill during his time as a Field Training Officer for several years and teaching many recruits with our Department.  Officer Campbell lends his experience and knowledge to many training programs, to include the MCT program, Defensive Tactics in-service and firearms instruction. Officer Campbell has also been instrumental in developing and instructing the Department’s Patrol Rifle program.

2008 – Investigator Gennie R. Smith

Investigator  Gennie SmithWithin the past year, Investigator Gennie Smith has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to duty and performance as an integral part of the Investigations Division.  Investigator Smith is the epitome of a “Team Player” and this is witnessed in this person’s strong ability and ambition to assist others.  Her talents and efforts are witnessed every day, not only in cases worked, but also the overall objective to accomplish what was started, no matter how much time it would take.  Investigator Smith takes on new assignments without hesitation and realizes every case that is assigned is vital to clear/solve, not only for self, but most importantly the victim.  She was instrumental in developing a close relationship with The Medical College of Virginia and Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughter's.  This has provided the police department a wealth of resources to investigate crimes involving children of the County.  This has proven to be beneficial to the victim and the family in coping with the investigation.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, along with Child Protective Services, relies on Investigator Smith's expert approach in investigating cases.  On several occasions, she has been specifically asked for by the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office to investigate cases.  She has a true talent for interviewing children that have been victims of either sexual assault or physical abuse.  She has also accomplished many successful interviews with alleged suspects.  She has a no-nonsense approach in getting to the truth of what may or may not have occurred.  She is always willing and eager to assist anyone that requires it and has spent many long hours beyond her regular duty hours to ensure a case is investigated properly.  She often put her work aside to help other investigators and officers.  She is often sought out by patrol officers for guidance on how to proceed with an investigation.  She monitors the police radio and has been seen running out of the Law Enforcement Center to assist patrol officers in need.  She makes herself available to assist other investigators with their cases after hours and she makes an effort to stay current with all the major cases in James City County and the surrounding jurisdictions.

Investigator Smith serves as a negotiator for the Police Department, working closely with the SWAT team to resolve volatile situations.  She has performed these duties in an exemplary manner.  She has also taken the initiative to explore training opportunities to keep the team proficient and ready to respond.  She willingly takes charge in absence of leadership.  On several occasions, she was asked to be the Officer in Charge at crime scenes and she performed these without hesitation and with minimal guidance.

In summary, Investigator Smith has demonstrated great dedication and pride in the Police Department and is recognized for her conduct.  She has done all of the aforementioned and still maintains one of the highest clearance rates in the Investigations Division, even while having worked primarily alone for most of the year.

It is for these and many other reasons that Investigator Gennie Smith has been selected as the 2008 Officer of the Year for the James City County Police Department.  Investigator Smith represents the best of what is expected of a James City County Police Officer and is recognized for her efforts and outstanding service to the community.

2007 – Officer Robert P. McKenzie

officer McKensieThroughout the course of the past year, Officer Robert P. McKenzie has accomplished several things that distinguish him among his peers.  He has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Police Department and the community alike.  He routinely demonstrates a professional attitude and strong work ethic.

Officer McKenzie is among the department leaders in all areas of measured productivity.  He performs best in the areas of self-initiated work.  For example, he made 13 DUI arrests, compared to his shift’s average of 9.  He wrote 36 parking violations, compared to his shift’s average of 7.  He also conducted more than 2,000 Directed Patrols, Foot Patrols and Field Interviews while making over 50 Misdemeanor and Felony arrests.

He works diligently to patrol his assigned zone and seek out incidents that may require police action.  Because of this he has been directly involved in two major incidents.  First, Officer McKenzie located a stranded motorist who was in full-term labor on the phone with York County 911 who was giving birthing instructions to a family member.  He was able to help with the delivery and calm the situation.  Second, while on routine patrol, Officer McKenzie identified, chased, caught and arrested two juveniles that had been committing a series of vandalism and property damage crimes in a certain area.  Because of his actions, a number of cases were able to be closed. Officer McKenzie also took on the leadership of the department's Explorer Post.  He has increased the number of participants as well as officers involved in the instruction of the classes.  I believe this says a lot about his commitment to the community due to the fact that he has not even been a member of the police department for a full two years.

It is for these reasons that Officer Rob McKenzie has been selected as the 2007 Officer of the Year for the James City County Police Department.  Officer McKenzie represents the best of what is expected of a James City County Police Officer and is recognized for his efforts and outstanding service to the community.

2006 - Senior Officer Prasit Niranont

officer Prasit-NiranontOver the last year, Senior Officer Prasit “Nuey” Niranont (pronounced knee-ra-noon) has assumed a key role on Day Shift and within the Police Department.  On a routine basis, he is above the shift averages in productivity.  During the course of this year, he currently holds an exceptional 52 percent clearance rate in case files that he has been assigned – in addition, he has been assigned more cases than any other officer on the shift.  On a daily basis, Senior Officer Niranont brings a professional attitude to work and is an example of what a James City County Police Officer should be.

More important are the contributions that he makes above what is expected of an officer. He is a member of the Department’s SWAT Team, a defensive tactics instructor, ASP instructor, and a Field Training Officer.  While he is one of many that hold these certifications, he is one of a few that routinely accept assignments utilizing this training.  He has assisted with the in-house training and post-academy training of newly hired recruits.  Senior Officer Niranont is also an assistant shift supervisor in the absence of the shift Lieutenant/Sergeant.  He currently is assisting with the implementation of the Mobile Field Reporting system.

Senior Officer Niranont has, for the last several years, volunteered his time to assist the Community Services Unit with National Night Out, acting as McGruff, and helping with weekend functions.  He also assists with recruitment in training by attending job fairs and career days throughout the area.  Moreover, Senior Officer Niranont performs all of these tasks while attending college on his own time.  For these and many other reasons, Senior Officer Prasit Niranont is named the 2006 Officer of the Year.

2005 - Officer Thomas N. Johnson, Sr.

From May 2004 to May 2005, Officer Thomas Johnson lead the entire department in the number of traffic summonses issued at 321. He was second in the number of warrants served (163), misdemeanor arrests (86), and suspended drivers (45). None of the other top producing officers on the department rank higher in so many different areas of measured productivity. He accomplished this despite only working 11 months in patrol prior to transferring to the Colonial Narcotics Enforcement Task Force.

Officer Johnson is also a member the department’s SWAT Team and Honor Guard. He has been involved in several high-risk incidents and performs extremely well under stress. He received a Commendation for an incident in August where he, Officer Gary Stokes, and Officer Sterling Perry were confronted with a subject armed with two knives who talked as if he was considering putting the officers in a situation where they may have to shoot him. All of the officers in this case did an excellent job negotiating (face-to-face) with this individual and showed a great deal of restraint.

Officer Johnson is also well respected in the community and among other officers. He maintains an excellent attitude and will do anything that is asked of him without hesitation or complaint. His work ethic, calm demeanor, reliability and high degree of professionalism are an example to others. He distinguishes himself as a model police officer in every possible way and is worthy of the honor of James City County’s 2005 Police Officer of the Year.


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