Provide outstanding customer service


  • A Business Facilitator was selected as recommended by the Business Climate Task Force Report to encourage new and potential businesses to locate in the County. During the first year, the Facilitator has helped 14 businesses navigate through government processes such as obtaining business licenses, applying for Special Use Permits and resolving tax issues. More>>


  • County staff participated in 2 drills in preparation for storms

    County staff prepare for Emergency Operations Center activation.

    The County’s public safety efforts were bolstered through mutual aid agreements between the County and the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy. The agreements provide for enhanced safety and security of surrounding waters and to share resources as needed in situations involving fire and rescue and emergency medical services. 


    County staff participated in drills in preparation for storms and other disasters. The practice was put to the test when the County activated the Emergency Operations Center for Tropical Storm Hanna.



  • County services and staff were evaluated through the Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency Study that was released in February. The report concluded that the County provides “…very good to excellent quality of services to the citizens of James City County” and operates with “…a very high level of efficiency.” JCC Organizational Effectiveness/Efficiency Study Final (2.6mb)


  • Several communications tools were updated to improve the quality and quantity of County information available to citizens. 


  • A new playback and message board system on JCC TV48 includes new features such as podcasts, RSS feeds with local weather, Amber Alerts and State and Local news.



  • Production of “FYI”, the TV show, expanded to two new shows a month highlighting County events and services.



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