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James City County Fiscal Year 2010, a Year Where the Glass was Truly More than Half Full

James City County has just closed a successful 2010 fiscal year in spite of the economic downturn. We were able to deliver quality services to our citizens while continuing to reduce operating expenditures and County staff. Thanks to the staff and the leadership of the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors, we were able to do a lot with less.

Let me highlight for you some of the accomplishments of this past year:

We continued to manage our finances wisely resulting in the County’s first AAA bond rating from Fitch Ratings. High bond ratings are determined through a recalibration of public finance credit ratings that can result in lower borrowing costs on future loans.  In addition, we received a significant number of grants totaling over $5 million for improvements in public safety, environmental protection and homeownership. 

We worked to improve the lives of citizens by addressing the Chinese drywall issue that affected many of our citizens through no fault of their own. The County provided both information and action through the reassessment process and the citizen Board of Equalization.

We planned for the needs of a growing, diverse community through the enhancement of wellness and recreational opportunities for our citizens with additional bikeways, pathways and trails. Furthermore, investment in our public schools was sustained through the two new schools and the necessary water, sewer and fiber optic infrastructure. 

We continued to act as a steward for our environment by continuing to invest in being a green community. We are addressing climate change through The Green Jobs Alliance, the green roundtable designed to help builders and homeowners make their property more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  We continued to acquire greenspace most notably through the acquisition of property in the Route 5 corridor. 

We enhanced our customer service through the expansion of our 800 MHz regional radio system to include Gloucester County. As a result, the towers across the York River will provide additional coverage for the Stonehouse district. 

The County, in its budget process for Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012, conducted citizen outreach efforts led by our departing County Administrator who presented budget choices to each of our election districts to help citizens understand the impact that the economy and the State budget could have on us under certain assumptions.  As we move forward to Fiscal Year 2011, we remain vigilant in identifying ways to continue to reduce our costs with minimal impact on the citizens.

James City County is proud to do what it can to be among one of the foremost communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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James G. Kennedy
Chairman, Board of Supervisors

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