Direction Four – Steward the natural environment and historic heritage

Map of Oakland Estates Drainage Project

    Watershed Management Planning PowerPoint presentation
  • During the spring, watershed management planning began in earnest for Gordon and Mill Creeks. County staff met with residents and other stakeholders to share findings, discuss issues and listen to concerns. When finalized and approved, the management plans will assess the natural resources, identify goals for the area and develop plans for implementation.

Green building
  • The final James City Green Building Design Roundtable Report was completed by the group of 26 members from the private sector, the County and the schools. The Report describes green building and design, reviews other local governments’ green efforts, covers the County’s existing policies and presents the Roundtable’s recommendations for the future. The Report will go to the Board of Supervisors in the first quarter of FY 11.

College Creek
  • The County re-established a back-up water supply and improved safety with increased water pressure to fight fires for residents in Williamsburg Landing and the Lake Powell Road area by replacing a failed submerged waterline crossing at College Creek.

Norge Depot
  • Work continued on the Norge Depot Relocation and Restoration Project. Phase III focused on developing architectural and civil engineering plans for the interior restoration and obtaining review and approval from various Federal, State and local departments and agencies.

Freedom Park
  • In support of regional tourism efforts, the County increased its presence in area destination marketing and public relations materials by enhancing visuals of County parks, historic sites and trails that would appeal to area visitors. In addition, as opportunities for large scale sports tournaments increase, bringing potential tax revenue, Parks and Recreation has partnered with area organizations to provide sports facilities and venues.

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