Direction Three – Plan responsibly for the needs of a growing, diverse community

Comprehensive Plan logo
  • The County’s Comprehensive Plan – Historic Past, Sustainable Future – was approved by the Board of Supervisors on November 24. The Comprehensive Plan is the County’s long-range master plan for guiding future growth over the next 20 years. Reviewed every five years, it is used to evaluate development proposals and guide the decisions of County departments. It covers all aspects of the community, including economic development, population growth, public facilities, parks and recreation, and transportation. The Plan’s public education and input process received both State and national recognition – the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association 2010 Public Outreach and Education Award and a National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award.

  • Several renovations and repairs were completed at County parks to improve safety, stop deterioration and enhance the appearance and customer experience.
    • Chickahominy Riverfront Park
    • Chickahominy Riverfront Park – Boating and fishing piers repaired, small pool deck resurfaced and the two bathhouses renovated.

    • Kidsburg – Exposed wood components were replaced or repaired.

    • Jamestown Yacht Basin – All decking and much of the support structures for the docks, the water supply system and the electrical service were fixed and floating docks were replaced.

    • James City/Williamsburg Community Center (JCWCC) – The gymnasium floor was replaced after heavy water damage during a rain event in late July and the 22-year-old parking lot was resurfaced.

    Conservation saves money

  • To improve energy efficiencies, windows and doors were replaced in County offices on Palmer Lane. HVAC systems were upgraded at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and at several County offices. Lighting systems were upgraded at the JCWCC and the EOC. These capital maintenance activities will result in long term energy savings for the County.

  • Permissive left turn arrow
  • Traffic flow was improved on Pocahontas Trail with the installation of three permissive left turn arrows on traffic signals near Busch Gardens. The arrows permit motorists to make left turns on a green signal while yielding to on-coming traffic. The flashing yellow arrow is safer and more effective at conveying to drivers the need to yield before turning left than the more common circular green light and other signals.

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