Direction Five – Provide outstanding customer service

  • The County’s presence on social media sites expanded to Twitter giving staff a resource to provide timely, quick and concise information to users. The County's use of social media, including accounts on Facebook and YouTube, moves local government beyond traditional one-way communication to the public.

  • Viewership for On Demand Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Chesapeake Bay and Wetlands Board meetings grew over 50 percent, averaging 3,300 views per month. Views of County videos on YouTube grew over 1,000 percent, averaging over 870 views per month.

  • The new JCC Alert initiative gives citizens quick access to emergency alerts, notifications and updates from the County delivered by text message or e-mail to any cellular device or computer. The program was implemented by the County’s Emergency Management Division to help get important information out quickly when an incident or emergency occurs. The voluntary program allows users to select their preferred methods of contact and manage their own information online.

    Knuckleboom truck
  • To help residents with the disposal of appliances, furniture, construction debris and yard waste such as brush, grass, leaves and tree trunks, a new $75 pre-paid bulk trash pick up service was implemented.

    CaseTrak logo
  • The County’s CaseTrak program received the Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation Award from the Alliance for Innovation. With CaseTrak, citizens can check on the status of development proposals; learn about projects close to their house or favorite landmarks; view comment letters from County agencies online in real time; and find out about upcoming public hearing dates.

    Business Facilitator
  • The County’s part-time Business Facilitator helped 22 businesses navigate through government processes such as obtaining businesses licenses, applying for Special Use Permits and submitting site plan reviews.

  • In an effort to reduce paper use and printing and distribution costs, two County publications – “e-FYI” and the Parks and Recreation brochure “Destination Recreation” – became available exclusively online. In addition to saving money and helping the environment, online publications use links to additional information including videos and websites.

    The County’s 2009 Progress Report, also available exclusively online, received a National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) Award of Excellence.

  • The County provided public information, space and security for several H1N1 vaccination clinics sponsored by the Peninsula Health District. In addition to the clinics, the County’s website featured links for up-to-date and factual information from the Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Hurricane Isabel
  • The County continued to work with the Regional Catastrophic Planning (RCP) group to develop and improve a coordinated local response to catastrophic events. The County is represented on the grant writing team and as a member of the RCP Team Committee and its three project committees: Mass Care and Sheltering, Commodities/Resources/Volunteers and Transportation/Evacuation. This process is critical to develop a regional framework and resources.


    Blade sign
  • The Board of Supervisors approved amendments to the Sign Ordinance to allow for more pedestrian-friendly signage options to help people locate a business when walking through Mixed Use areas, such as New Town.

    Business Climate Task Force Report
  • The Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances were amended to address recommendations made by the Business Climate Task Force regarding the review process for new development proposals.


  • Viewers saw three new locally produced series on JCC TV: Fun Fitness – 20 minute workouts with step aerobics, strength training and yoga; Great Park Pursuit – a virtual tour of all of the County’s parks; and Checking In at the Library – quick reviews of 15 books in 20 minutes with a librarian. JCC TV is the County’s government channel that is available online and on Cox Cable.

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