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Contact Information:


Purchasing Office

101-F Mounts Bay Rd.,

Suite 300

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Directions - Directory


P: 757-253-6646

F: 757-253-6753


Hours of Operation


8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Archived Request for Proposals, Information, and Quotes


RFP 15-8047 - Online Adaptive Math


RFP 15-8032 - Online Interactive Simulations and Experiments for Secondary Math & Science


RFP 15-8021 - Annual Water and Wastewater Construction and Repair Services for the JCSA

RFP 15-6955 - Housing Study

RFP 15-6999 - Video Security System Upgrade

Addendum 3
Addendum 2


RFP 15-6976 - Annual Engineering Services


RFP 15-6921 - Middle School Design Services


RFP 15-6998 - Cost Allocation Plan


RFP 15-6723 - Telecommunication Systems Maintenance and Repairs Services

Addendum 2
Attachment A
Attachment B
Attachment C

RFQ 15-8041 - New Mobile Home

RFQ 15-7000 - Structure Demolition/Disposal & Septic Tank Abandonment


RFQ 15-8018 - Install Septic System

RFQ 15-8017 - New Mobile Home Replacement

RFP 15-6917 - Strategic Plan Consultant Services


RFI 15-6906 - Security DVR & Remote Access System

RFP 15-6843 - Mobile Data Terminal Replacement 


Copy of MCT Mounts by Vehicle Fire - 2014 - 10.xlsx
Copy of MCT Mounts by Vehicle Police - 2014 - 10.xlsx
Copy of MDT RFP Requirements Final.xls

RFP 15-6840 - Administration of Group Medical and Dental Insurance 


Attachment E - Experience.xlsx
Attachment F - JCC census.xls
Attachment G - WJCCS census.xls
Attachment H - Carrier Responses Required.xlsx

RFP 14-6619 - Sale of Marina - Notice of Cancellation

RFQ 15-6875 - Chickahominy Riverfront Park Store - Addendum

RFQ 15-6927 - New Mobile Home Replacement HCD

RFQ 15-6926 - Mobile Home Demolition and Disposal

RFQ 15-6824 - Recreation Center Flashing Replacement

RFP 15-6784 - Media Equipment and Telecommunications Reparis and Services On An As-Needed Basis

RFQ 15-6837 - Compact Pickup Ext. Cab. 4 WD

RFQ 15-6834 - EPA UCMR3 Testing Services 


URFP 15-6724 - Cap It! Well Abandonment

Addendum 2

URFP 15-6663 - CAP IT! Well Abandonment 

RFP 14-6619 - Sale of Property located at 2054 Jamestown Road

RFP 14-6295 - Freedom Park Playground Equipment Design, Furnish and Installation and Project Site Drawings

RFP 14-6618 - Energy Management Software

RFP 14-6502 - Land Acquisition Services

RFP 14-6534 - Bus Routing Software

URFP 14-6585 - Real Estate Services

RFP 14-6555 - Custodial Command Center Products

RFP 14-6435 - Alternative Education Program

RFP 14-6556 - Managed Print Services 

RFP 14-6533 - Comprehensive Water and Sewer Rate Study

URFP 14-6505 Recreational Chocolate Classes
RFP 14-6468 Services for the Installation and Removal of Submersible Well Pump Assemblies and Related Work
RFQ 14-6490 A-Frame Roof Carport
RFI 14-6469 Human Resource and Financial Management Information System

Addendum 2

RFI 14-6427

Instructional Technology Program

URFP 14-6403

Consulting Services to Establish an Independent Charitable Education Foundation


RFI 14-6413

Bus Routing Software System

RFP 14-6372

StandUp Paddleboard Concession


RFP 14-6165

Custodial Services at the Williamsburg-James City County Courthouse

Addendum 3

Addendum 2


RFP 14-6285

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Revenue Recovery Services

Addendum 2


RFP 14-6286

Executive Search Services

RFP 14-6038

Property Appraisal Services for Conservation Easements

RFP 14-6098

Electronic Transcript Request Services

RFP 14-6141

Community Engagement Surveys

RFQ 14-6177

Portable Toilets

RFQ 14-6017

Draft Pre-Qualification-Replacement of James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Station #1

RFQ 14-6120

Annual Archaeological Services

URFP 14-6141

Community Engagement Surveys


RFP 14-6115

Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Services


RFQ 14-6098

Electronic Transcript Request Services for Former and Current WJCC Public School Students

RFQ 14-6149

Structural Closer American Family Inn


RFP 14-6124

Architectural and Engineering Services for Refurbishment Jamestown High School

URFP 14-6024

Challenge Club Instructors

URFP 14-6012

JCSA Customer Service Office Furnishings

Revised Office Layout


RFP 13-5981

Benefits Consultant Services

RFQ 13-5985

JCSA Customer Service Office Retrofit  


RFP 13-5973

Services to Research and Develop Strategy for Rural Economic Development


RFI 14-6025

Public Meeting Management Solution

RFP 14-6008

Leaf Collection Services

RFQ  14-6005

Ivey Dell Street Repairs 

Addendum 2


RFQ 14-6040

JCSA Driving & Walking Asphalt Road Surface Repairs


RFP 13-5911

Economic Development/Tourism Promotion


RFP 13-5911

Economic Development/Tourism Promotion

RFP 13-5877

Natural and Cultural Asset Mapping Technical Assistance 

RFP 13-5849

Self-Insured Short-Term Disability Plan and Long Term Disability Insurance


RFP 13-5851

Recreational Facility Feasibility Study


RFP 13-5844

Disaster Related Debris Removal

RFP 13-5843

Disaster Related Tree Removal

RFP 13-5834

CCTV Inspection of Gravity Sanitary Sewer Pipes

Addendum 2


RFP 13-5824

Full Service Door Maintenance

URFP 13-5753

Public Address System Upgrade at Wanner Stadium


RFP 13-5820

Consulting Services for Compensation Practices Review 


RFP 13-5648

Mooretown Road Extension Study

RFQ 13-5847

Roll-off Open Top Container

URFP 13-5814

JCSA Ops Energy Retrofit Addendum

RFP 13-5776

Audit Services

Addendum 2


RFP 13-5541

Exterior and Interior Signage

RFP 13-5685

Student Information System 


RFP 13-5629

Special Education Auditing Services 

RFQ 13-5675

Jamestown Road Sewer Main Relining Project

URFP 13-5659

Appraiser Services

RFP 13-5461

Classificiation Compensation Study

RFQ 13-5652

Security Envelopes With Windows

RFQ 13-5587

Moss Creek Commerce Center Site


RFP 13-5577

Professional Development Services

Addendum 2

Addendum 1

RFP 13-5538

Phase II - Arc Flash Study 

Addendum 4

Addendum 3

Addendum 2


RFP 13-5466

Farm Management Services for Mainland Farm

RFP 13-5390

Software Solution System for James City County Government Integrated Tax Revenue System

Addendum 2


Attachment A (Excel Spreadsheet)

RFP 13-5465

Demolition, Site Clean Up and Waste Removal

IFB 12-5150

Indigo Dam Road, Jamestown Road and Lake Drive Water Main Improvements


RFP 13-5389

Longhill Road Corridor Study


RFP 13-5487

Lafayette High School HVAC Replacement

RFP 13-5450

Universal Screen Instruments mathematics

Addendum 3

Addendum 2


RFP 13-5452

Medical Oversight Services

RFP 13-5453

General Physicals/AED Support and OSHA Compliance Services

RFP 13-5468

James River Elementary School HVAC Replacement


RFP 13-5420

Synthetic Ice Rink

Addendum 4

Addendum 3

Addendum 2


RFP 13-5447
RFP 13-5434
RFP 13-5384

Enterprise Information Reporting/Strategic Management System

Addendum 2


RFQ 13-5427

Manual Transfer Switch


Attachment 1 - S-101

Attachment 2 - S-001

Attachment 3 - E-601

Attachment 4 - E-101

Attachment 5 - E-002

Attachment 6 - E-001

RFP 12-5387 
RFQ 13-5411

Driving and Walking Asphalt Road Surface Repairs

URP 13-5401

Professional Development Services

RFP 13-5338

Annual Architectural Services 

Addendum 2


RFQ 12-5333

Pre-Qualification-Renovation & Expansion of Fire Station #4

RFP 12-5314

Manhole and Wet Well Rehabilitation and Related Services 

Addedum 1

RFP 12-5337

Herbicide Easement Clearing Services


RFP 12-5296

Unsealed RFP 12-5296 Repair of Hitachi Motor (JCSA)

RFP 12-5054

Physical Exams

Attachment A through H


Addendum 2

RFQ 12-5172

JCSA Concrete Pads Construction and Installation

Addendum #1- RFQ# 12-5172-Addendum #1 for Request for Quote # 12-5172-JCSA CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION 

RFQ 12-5164

Signage for Fire Station #3, Parks and Recreation and James City County Community Center

Addendum 2

Addendum 1

RFP 12-5151

Mid County Park Playground Design and Installation 

Addendum #1, Request for Proposals, 12-5151 Mid County Park Playground Design and Installation

RFQ 12-5311

Emergency Well Pump/Motor Assembly Removal and Installation to W-33 


URFP 12-5118

Emergency Management Planning System

RFP 12-4836

Vending Services


RFP document
Attachment A – General Terms and Conditions
Attachment G – WJCC Info Only

RFP 12-4835

Courthouse Lobby Security Desk

RFP Document

Attachment A - General Terms and Conditions

Attachment B - Technical Specifications

Attachment C - Sample Contract

Courthouse Lobby Title Sheet

Courthouse Lobby Plans

RFP Addendum Number One

Addendum Number One:  Attachment B – Revised Drawings

RFQs 11-4388

Building Retrofit Contractors for Housing and Community Development Office Projects

RFP 12-4993

Miscellaneous Signage - Cancellation Letter

URFP 12-5066

Citizen Response Management Software

RFP 12-5052

Furnish and Install Women's Sauna James City County/Williamsburg Community Center


RFP 12-4928

Bond Counsel Services

RFI 12-0027

Public School Electronic Community Engagement and Communication Tools

RFP 12-5013

Design and Furnish Trailer for Underwater Search & Recovery Dive Team


URFP 12-4906

Short Circuit/Equipment Time Current Coordination Study, and Arc Flash Analysis Study


RFP 12-5013

Design and Furnish Trailer for Underwater Search & Recovery Dive Team


RFP 12-4849

Cancellation Management of Mainland Farms

RFP 12-4940

Water Storage Tank Maintenance (JCSA)

Addendum 3

Addendum 2



Flexible Benefits Plan Administrator


RFP 12-0019



AVID System Upgarde for James City County Community Video Center

RFP 12-4864

Employee Assistance Program 

Addendum 1

IFB 12-4759

Renovations to Building D & E

Addendum 2

Addendum 1

RFP 12-5190

Architectural Services for James City-Bruton Volunteer Fire Station Renovation and Reconstruction

Addendum 1

Feasibility Study

RFP 12-4773

Custodial Supplies - Closing Date:   November 3, 2011 @ 2 p.m.

Addendum 1

Custodial Supplies

Attachment B - General Terms

RFP 12-4762

Grinder Pump Maintenance (JCSA)


Grinder Pump Maintenance

Attachment E - General Terms

URFP 12-0013

Enrollment Projection Services





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