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Frequently Asked Questions


Click on the subject of your question below, or scroll down to browse through our frequently asked questions.  If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us at 757-259-3200 or email us at


Legacy Hall


Will the building be open when I arrive and will I need to notify anyone when I leave the building? 
A James City County staff member will unlock the door and meet you at the requested time in the building.  It is the user’s responsibility to ensure someone from their group stays at the hall at all times until the requested time out.  A staff member will return shortly before your departure time to lock the door.  At no time will a key be given out for the building.


What forms of payments are accepted? Master Card, Visa, American Express, check or cash.


Is there a separate form to be completed if paying by credit card?  No.


Will I be responsible for setup and breakdown of the tables and chairs? No, James City County staff will setup and breakdown.


If I reserve the Hall for five hours, will I be given one additional hour for cleanup, or will clean up time be included in the five hours? The times that you reserve need to include set-up and clean-up.


Where do I obtain liability insurance? You will need to obtain a Certificate of Insurance for $1,000,000.  You can check with your insurance company, or any other insurance company, or an online company. 


Are table linens and dishes provided or do I have to bring my own? Linens and dishes are not provided.


Is it a requirement that I have a caterer, or can I bring my own food for the function?
We do not have a preferred vendor list so you are able to use any caterer that you would like, or you can prepare the food yourself. 


What is the largest tent size permitted? A 30 x 45 tent is the largest that can be used.


If I reserve the Hall for Friday night and Saturday, will I be charged a weekend rate?  It is the same as two events and will be charged appropriately based on the fee schedule.


If I want a dance floor, do I need to bring in a dance floor? You can; however, the Hall has bamboo flooring in the large room so there is no need for an additional dance floor.


Are there outside lights on the patio? Yes.





How do I find out about field closings?
Parks and Recreation staff updates the field closing hotline on weekdays by 3 p.m.  After this time and on weekends, cancellation is up to league officials.  The Hotline number is 757-259-3237.


Do I need to wear a helmet to use the Skate Park?
Yes helmets are required.


What kinds of fish are being caught?
You can call Chickahominy Riverfront Park at 757-258-5020 or Little Creek Reservoir Park at 757-566-1702 to get the latest reports. 


Where are the County trails located?
Hiking trails are located at Warhill Sports Complex, Freedom Park, and Greensprings Interpretive Trail.  Mountain bike trails are located at Freedom Park and Upper County Park.  There are walking trails at Powhatan Creek Access Park, Mid County Park and near the James City County Recreation Center.  Use our Park Finder application to see the features at our various parks, including trails, playgrounds, and more. 


How can I get a trail map?
Parks with trails have a mailbox on site containing maps.  You can also find trail maps online on the park web pages.


Do you have a dog park?
The Waller Mill Dog Park is located in the City of Williamsburg.  It is operated by Williamsburg Parks and Recreation and is jointly funded by Williamsburg and James City.  It is available to all Williamsburg and James City County residents. 


Does my dog have to be on a leash?
All dogs in County parks must be leashed.  No dogs are allowed within 50 feet of ball fields or playgrounds.  Waller Mill Dog Park is an off-leash area. 


Where is Kidsburg?
Kidsburg is located in Mid County Park, 3793 Ironbound Road.


Which County parks offer camping?
Chickahominy Riverfront Park is open year round and offers tent and RV camping. 


Which County parks offer fishing?
Boat and pier fishing is available at Little Creek Reservoir Park, Chickahominy Riverfront Park, and Powhatan Creek Park.  Bank fishing is available at Jamestown Beach Event Park.  Only boat fishing is permitted at Brickyard Landing, and Diascund Reservoir.  Use our Park Finder application to see the features at our various parks, fishing, boat ramps, and more.


Which County Parks have a launch for my fishing boat?
Boat ramps are available at Chickahominy Riverfront Park, Brickyard Landing, Little Creek Reservoir Park (electric motors only) and Diascund Reservoir Park (electric motors only).  Canoes, kayaks, and of small boats can be launched at these as well as Powhatan Creek Park and Jamestown Beach Event Park.  Use our Park Finder application to see the features at our various parks, including boat ramps, hiking trails, and more. 


Where can I play basketball?
Outdoor basketball courts are available at Warhill Sports Complex, the  Abram Frink Jr. Community Center and Mid County Park (with lights). Basketball courts at Ironbound Park, Chickahominy River Park, and Upper County Park.


Where can I play tennis?
Tennis courts are available at the Abram Frink Jr. Community Center and Mid County Park (with lights). 


Where can I host an outdoor special event?
Special event space is available at Chickahominy Riverfront Park and Jamestown Beach Event Park.


What is WISC?
The Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex is a privately owned and maintained indoor sports center. WISC is located in Warhill Sports Complex, where it leases space from James City County.  Call 757-253-1947 for more information.




Swim Lessons and Aquatics

What happens if a swim class gets cancelled?
Generally when a class is cancelled, a makeup class will be added to the end of the current session, extending the session as many days as needed.  However, there are times when there aren’t enough days to makeup swim lessons; in these instances a $5 refund will be provided per participant for each class cancelled.  Make up sessions will be conducted on the same day of the week and time as the normally scheduled class. 


Why are swim classes at an indoor pool cancelled for thunder and lightning?
Indoor Swim classes are cancelled for thunder and lightning because although the pool is grounded, our pool still runs the chance of being struck by lightning.  This cancellation policy was created as a safety precaution for all aquatic participants.


I am new to the area or this will be the first time my child and/or I will take lessons.  How will I know what swim lesson level I should register myself and/or my child for?

There are free swim evaluations, which are listed in the “Aquatics” section of the Activity Brochure, for children and adults before the start of every swim lesson registration period.  During the swim evaluations, trained aquatic instructors assess the participant’s swimming skill and provide feedback as to the appropriate swim lesson level in which the child or adult should register. 


How do I know if my child should be registered for the Level 1 or Level 2 swim lesson?
The easiest way to determine whether a child should be registered for the Level 1 or Level 2 swim lesson is to gauge the child’s comfort level in the water.  If your child is comfortable in the water and will submerge the face, he/she should be registered for Level 2.  If your child is timid in or near the water and is not comfortable submerging the face, nose, or eyes in water, he/she should register for Level 1.


How many participants are there in a group swimming class?
There is a maximum of seven participants in Swim Levels 1-5.  Level 6 Rec Racers Fitness Swimmer has a maximum of 25 participants.  There is a maximum of 15 participants in Parent and Child Aquatics Level A & Child Aquatics Level B. 


How long are swim classes?
Swim classes are 45 minutes for all levels above Parent and Child Aquatics.


Do I have to stay on the pool deck while my child is taking lessons?
If your child is in any swim lesson under Level 4, you must stay on the pool deck during lessons.  Children in lessons under Level 4 have not yet developed the skills and endurance needed to pass the facility swim test and therefore cannot swim without a parent present.


Can I drop my child off for swim class and then pick them up when it is finished?
No, you must be in the facility while your child is participating in swim classes.  If your child is in a swim lesson under Level 4, you must be on the pool deck.


Can we come in early or stay after class and swim?
Yes, provided your child has passed the swim test and has a current James City County Recreation Center Access Pass.  Keep in mind, however, that open swim space tends to be limited in the evenings around swim class times.


Can someone other than a parent bring my child to class?
Yes, someone other than the parent or legal guardian may bring the child to class.  However, they must follow the same rules and stay on the pool deck with the child at all times.


If my child misses a class session, can he/she attend another class day and time?
Unfortunately, because classes are based on size and ability, we cannot make individual accommodations for participants who have schedule conflicts.  If your child misses a class session, he or she is encouraged to resume attending class at the regularly scheduled time as soon as possible.  If you have concerns, please call the Aquatics Coordinator at 757-259-4185.


How old must a child be to start swimming lessons?
Participants must be at least six months old to register for Parent and Child Aquatics.


What is the temperature of the water?
The temperature of the water is 84 degrees.



Group Fitness


Do I have to have an Access Pass to the James City County Recreation Center in order to take group fitness classes?
No, you do not need to be an Access Pass holder to participate in our group fitness classes. We do require that you purchase a wristband for access to the group fitness classes, and Access Pass holders will receive a discounted rate. Please see Fitness Classes for wristband rates and a schedule of classes. 


My doctor recommended that I exercise, but I cannot stand for long periods of time. Do you have any fitness classes that I could participate in?
Yes! Our Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Level I classes, SilverSneakers Muscular Strength and Range of Motion classes and SilverSneakers YogaStretch classes are all chair-based fitness classes, suitable for anyone with a limited fitness level or limited mobility.


Can I exercise if I have problems with my knees? 
Yes! You may want to try aqua fitness classes, as they put less strain on the joints. We also offer chair-based classes and classes specifically for arthritis.


Does my wristband allow me to take both land and aquatic group fitness classes? 
Yes!  With the purchase of a wristband, you are welcome to mix and match both land and aquatic group fitness classes. 


Will I receive a refund if my class is cancelled? 
We make every effort to minimize cancellations by seeking substitute instructors when possible.  Because we offer more than 140 classes monthly and the price of the group fitness wristband covers this entire selection of classes, individual refunds are not issued for specific class cancellations.  When you participate in group fitness classes each week, please be sure to sign the attendance sheet. This sheet is our only record of your participation in a particular class. In the event of a cancellation, we use the class attendance sheets to attempt to notify regular class participants by phone or email.  Also, remember that your group fitness wristband pass allows you to take both land and aquatic classes, so there may be other classes you can attend if your class is cancelled.


Can we please have a new class format, like Spinning, Zumba, etc.?
The types of classes depend on a number of factors including patron demand, availability of qualified instructors, and budget considerations.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions and are constantly making adjustments to our group fitness programming to try to accommodate our patrons. 


When will you offer more morning/evening/weekend/weekday classes? 
As with the types of classes, the time when those classes are scheduled depends on a number of factors  including patron demand, availability of qualified instructors, and budget considerations.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we are constantly making adjustments to our group fitness programming to try to accommodate our patrons. 


How long are classes? 
Group fitness classes are 50 minutes in duration, unless otherwise noted on the Group Fitness schedule.




Can my child with disabilities participate in the REC Connect programs?
Yes.  We encourage all children to participate in our programs regardless of a disability or medical condition.  We will make every attempt to provide reasonable accommodations so that they can successfully participate in all aspects of the program.  If your child has a medical condition or special need, please call Inclusion Services at 757-259-5354 to discuss assessments, observations, and an accommodation plan for your child. 


Do you have a summer camp for children with special needs?
Yes.  In collaboration with the WJCC school system, we offer a half day summer camp program for children with special needs.  We operate the camp during the same weeks of summer school.  Pre-registration is required and space is limited.  Call 757-259-5354 for details.


Can my child with a disability participate in swim lessons?
Yes.  We encourage all children to participate in any class, camp, or program we offer regardless of their disability.  We will make every attempt to provide reasonable accommodations, so that the child can successfully participate in the class.  It is very important for you to call Inclusion Services at 757-259-5354 at least three weeks before the class start date in order to allow adequate time to assess the specific needs of the child, provide the most appropriate accommodation, and communicate and train staff as needed.


How do I request Inclusion Services (an accommodation)?
There are several ways to request and accommodation.  You may check the ADA Accommodation Request box on the RecConnect Registration Form, notify any staff person on duty when you register, or call Inclusion Services directly at 757-259-5354. 





What programs do you offer for teens?
Programs offered for teens (middle and high school aged youth) can be found throughout the Parks and Recreation Activity Brochure.  While the “Teen” section in the brochure will list information about teen trips or events and leadership and development classes, programs for teens in other core areas will be listed under those areas in the brochure.  Under the “Special Events” section, you will find any special event for teens such as Club Rec Nights, Skate Jams, etc.  We also offer the middle school “Rec Connect After School Program”.  Under the “Outdoors” section of the Parks and Recreation Activity Brochure, you will find any outdoor program, class or camp for teens including such things as hiking, paddling, etc.  Any sports programs/leagues being offered will be highlighted under the “Sports and Athletics” section.  Likewise, any swimming program, including lessons and lifeguarding, will be shown under “Aquatics."  If you ever have an idea or program that you would like to see offered, please call the Teen Program Coordinator at 757-259-5356.  


What are the age ranges for the teen trips and classes listed in the brochure?
Most often, the targeted age range for the trips and classes will be indicated beside the description in the brochure.  Teen classes are usually offered for youth in middle and high school.  


Why do you have to be 12 years or older to take the Red Cross Babysitting course?
Due to age requirements for certification from the American Red Cross, a participant of the babysitting class must be 12 years of age or older in order to be ‘certified.’   A child under the age of 12 may participate in the class, with permission from Teen Program Coordinator (757-259-5356), however that child would not receive a certification at the end of the class.


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