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Aquatic Fitness Class schedules and descriptions


Learn to Swim

Crunch to the Core 50/50
Yes, you can get rock hard abs.  Put ab power into your core workout! Make each crunch count with proper techniques.  Aqua equipment used to add resistance. This class incorporates strength and stabilization moves with no stress to the joints.  Aqua equipment used.  All fitness levels.  No swim skills needed. Aqua shoes and water deck side recommended.

Aqua Easy
Are you looking to get back into exercise, but do not want a workout that is too strenuous?  Class consists of low impact cardio workout that works the whole body.  Classes are structured so participants are comfortable moving at their own pace with guidance from their instructor. Aqua shoes and water deck side recommended.

Cardio Dance 50/50
CARDIO endurance coupled with a fun DANCE workout.  Develop cardio/core strength and endurance and aquatic dance movement without harsh pounding on your joints.  All fitness levels.  No swim skills needed. Aqua shoes and water deck side recommended.

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (A.F.A.P.)
Arthritis Water Exercise provides an environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness, and improving range of movement of joints affected by arthritis in soothing warm water.  Water supports joints, lessens stress, allows free movement and provides mild resistance to build muscle strength. Participants perform range-of-motion, strengtheningand aerobic exercise.

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Aqua-Spin & Core
Class includes spinning, running and swimming using aquatic equipment and buoyancy belts.  Class is in the deeper area of the pool, and easy on the joints providing cardio endurance and core strengthening benefits.  Be comfortable I up to 5 feet of water.  All fitness levels.  No swim skills needed.

Forever Fit 50/50
This is a total body, “Forever Fit” aquatic workout that includes range of motion, PILATES CORE strengthening, balance coordination, and CARDIO endurance.  Develop muscle tone and flexibility without harsh pounding on your joints.  Work at your own pace. All fitness levels.   No swim skills needed.  Aqua shoes and water deck side recommended.

A Whole lotta Tabata and More!
A carefully sequenced workout of timed intervals that focus on cardio, power, strength and self-motivation. This program can help your body release fatty acids, release HGH (hormone that burns fat) and burns more calories at rest up to 36 hours after exercise.

Aqua Zumba 50/50
Looking for a unique way to get fit while having fun?  Jump in the pool, dance away the calories, and get fit with Aqua Zumba. The dance combinations are slightly slower than the ones you do in a typical Zumba class, but the energy is just as high.  If you love the original Zumba class come splash in to a lower-impact version of the fun new workout craze.  No swimming ability is required.

Hydro Pilates
Pilates in the pool provides a core workout with toning and flexibility as the main goals. As in land-based Pilates, the water version is non-impact strengthening and stretching movements to soft Pilate’s background music utilizing hand bells and aqua noodles. Suitable for all fitness levels.

New Aquatics
Hydro Tone & Walk
This is a low impact class. Have fun, walk or jog to a variety of step and arm movement patterns. Get a great workout to music while benefiting from the water's resistance. Build muscle strength, tone and endurance without the impact of land exercise.  All fitness levels

Aqua Fit Cardio
 Rev up your day with a dynamic cardio workout without the joint stress.  This class offers a cardio endurance and strength workout suitable for all fitness levels.  No swim skills needed.  Aqua shoes and water deck side recommended.

Interval patterns of walking/ jogging to strengthen and tone muscles.  One of the benefits of intervals makes aqua workouts safe and fun without impact to the joints. Even people who suffer from arthritis may want to give this class a try! Resistance equipment used.  All fitness levels.  No swim skills needed.   Aqua shoes and water deck side recommended.


**James City County Recreation Center wristband and Combo pass holders are guaranteed a minimum of 150 classes each month and have the option of taking both land and aquatic fitness sessions. Parks and Recreation makes every effort to minimize class cancellations, and when necessary, makes every effort to secure a substitute instructor. Because we offer more than 150 classes monthly and the price of the wristbands and combo passes cover this entire selection of classes, individual refunds are not issued for specific class cancellations. The monthly group fitness class schedules are emailed to participants who provide a valid email address, and are also available at the Center Front Desk, online, and posted by the aerobic studio. For the complete description of all land and aquatic class offerings, please visit our website at


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