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For Drop-off Recycling and Convenience Center questions, contact:


Jim Hill

Solid Waste Superintendent

P: 757-565-0971



For Curbside Recycling Customer Service and General Recycling Questions, contact the Virginia Peninsula's Public Service Authority at:




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Curbside Recycling Program


Frequently Asked Questions - New Curbside Recycling Program Effective June 30, 2014


Click on for updates on curbside recycling service delays due to inclement weather and find more information at or click here.


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The James City County curbside recycling program currently serves approximately 21,000 homes. If you live in the service area, a recycling bin and brochure will be delivered to your home in about one week upon request.  Contact the Virginia Peninsula Public Service Authority (VPPSA) at 757- 259-9850 or to determine if curbside recycling is available in your area.  Curbside collection is provided weekly. 


Acceptable Items for Recycling

The curbside recycling program is a single stream process, meaning that all materials can be mixed in the same bin.  Occasional overflow can be placed in like size containers or paper grocery bags. 






Newspaper & inserts
Telephone Books
Junk Mail
Cereal Boxes
PAPER grocery bags
***Corrugated Cardboard

Metal Cans
Aluminum cans
Aluminum foil products

(be sure to rinse and remove all residue)

Glass jars & bottles
Clear, brown or green glass is accepted.  Rinse and remove lids.  Metal lids can be recycled.

Plastic Bottles and Jugs
    "Check for a Neck"

Must have a narrow neck or pouring spout.  Must only have a #1 or a #2 in the recycling symbol on the bottom.  Rinse and remove all residue.  Throw away lids.


***Corrugated Cardboard must be flattened and no larger than 3 feet x 4 feet in size. If you have more than 12 boxes, please call ahead.

We Cannot Accept:

  • nosymbol    
    Plastic bags or any item placed in a plastic bag
  • Wide mouth tubs such as yogurt cups and butter tubs
  • Plastic flower pots
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic cups or plates or utensils
  • Oil and pesticide containers

Unacceptable items will actually increase the cost of processing and may cause a load of otherwise recyclable materials to be rejected and go to the landfill!


Collection day is determined by voting district.  The following is the current collection schedule: 


2014 Curbside Recycling Holiday Collection Schedule


Holidays 2014


Pickup Schedule

Thursday, Nov 27


Thursday's recycling will be picked up Friday,
Friday's recycling will be picked up on Saturday

Thursday, Dec 25


Thursday's recycling will be picked up Friday,
Friday's recycling will be picked up on Saturday

New Year's
Thursday, Jan 1


Thursday's recycling will be picked up Friday,
Friday's recycling will be picked up on Saturday