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Benefits of Business Recycling

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Why should a business recycle?

Recycling is economically advantageous & environmentally sound.


Recycling can save you money!


By recycling, a business can downsize the contents of its dumpster and get a recycling bin. Together, this may be less than the cost of renting a large dumpster. One local business reduced their solid waste costs by 25 percent after implementing a recycling program.


Additionally, two or more companies may collaborate to exchange materials; this can be beneficial in many ways if another company uses your waste products as their raw materials.


  • Your business will not have to pay a disposal fee and may even earn money.
  • You form better relationships with other area businesses and recycling haulers by working cooperatively, which may prove beneficial to your business in the long run.
  • You may be able to exchange materials. While resources are depleting, their use continues to increase. The initial manufacturing of these resources burns fossil fuels, polluting the air. We pay for this excess pollution through taxes. Recycling is a practical way of minimizing costs.