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A guiding principle of the James City County, City of Poquoson, York County, City of Williamsburg Community Policy and Management Team Consortium (CPMT) is that parents will be actively involved in the planning and delivery of services to their children. This involvement includes participating financially where appropriate. In addition, CSA Policy Sections 3.1.7 and 3.2.3 give authority to the CPMT and FAPT to ensure the parents/legal guardians contribute to the cost of CSA funded services when not prohibited by state or federal law of statute’. Thus the CPMT adopts the following policy for the parental payment of expenses associated with services using the Children's Services Act (CSA) funding.  Those funds include monies from the Commonwealth of Virginia and monies appropriated by the Local Board of Supervisors for the CSA and for services associated with the CSA.

For purposes of determining monthly gross income as it applies to parental copayment responsibilities, the following definitions are adopted:  “Parent” is defined as biological, adoptive parent or legal guardian.  “Child” is defined as biological, adopted, or child placed in the legal custody of the “parent” up to age 22.

It is the position of the CPMT that parents of children in cases presented to the CPMT for funding, or presented to the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) for services, shall be assessed to determine rate of copay, if any, for approved services.  The following services are exempt from parental copayments:

  • Services required by virtue of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP);
  • Services provided to families receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF);
  • Qualifying services provided during the established school day to special education students in the public school in order to prevent a more restrictive special education placement, are exempt from parental payments. 

While exempt from “parental co-pay” obligations to CPMT, parents of children in foster care and children being placed out of home by custodial agreements are referred to the Division of Child Support Enforcement for parental financial support obligations.

CPMT adopts the following procedure for determining the amount of parental responsibility. 


In determining the amount of parental payments required, the CPMT will use the gross family income to include all sources of that family income.  Said income is to include benefits and compensation from private, state, or federal sources, in addition to employment income. Children’s income other than the child receiving CSA funding will be excluded.  The amount payable to reimburse James City County shall be a debt owed to James City Social Services.  Parental payments will not exceed the cost of services approved by the CPMT.  The parent will be required to pay for each month of services that are rendered, as set forth in the James City County Co-payment Agreement.  The CPMT will administer the parental payment as follows:

  • Prior to presenting the case to the Williamsburg/James City County Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT), the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will provide a signed income statement by completing the CSA Parental Co-Payment Screening Form.  Wages will be documented by three recent pay stubs or equivalent.  The Service Coordinator/Case Manager for the family will forward the original copy of the completed CSA Parental Co-Payment Screening Form to the CSA Coordinator.   
  • Based on the services recommended by the FAPT (Non-residential versus Residential), the CSA Coordinator will determine the expected parental financial responsibility based upon the payment schedule adopted by the CPMT (see James City County CSA Sliding Fee Scale PDF Symbol). The CSA Coordinator will notify the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and Service Coordinator/Case Manager of the determined amount.  A parent who wishes to appeal the parental co-pay obligation will notify the CSA Coordinator in writing within 30 days of notification of the established co-payment.  Written notification must include the reason for the request, along with the supporting documentation of hardship.  The CSA Coordinator will review the request.  If an amicable agreement can not be met prior to the next CPMT meeting, the parent will present his/her request to the CPMT members.  Final determination will be made by the CPMT.
  • The James City County CPMT Co-payment Agreement will be executed prior to initiating services, and a signed copy shall be provided to the CPMT Fiscal Agent.  Any request for changes to the monthly co-payments must be approved by the CSA Coordinator and shall require the execution of a new James City County CPMT Co-payment Agreement.  A copy of any revised Co-payment Agreements shall be provided to the CPMT Fiscal Agent.
  • Invoices for parental co-payments will be initiated and processed by the James City County CPMT Fiscal Agent.  Payments will be made payable to James City County Social Services and shall be remitted to the CPMT Fiscal Agent for processing.  All parental co-payments are due 30 days from the date of invoice.  In the event that services should terminate prior to the 15th of the month, half of the co-payment must be paid.  The full co-payment is due if services are terminate after the 15th of the month.
  • The CPMT Fiscal Agent will notify the CSA Coordinator when a parental co-pay account becomes 30 days past due.  Once the CSA Coordinator becomes aware of the delinquent account, they will contact the parent or responsible party concerning their delinquent account and their intent to pay.  The CSA Coordinator will also inform the parent or responsible party that a due process hearing for termination of services will be scheduled before the CPMT when the payment is 45 days late. Once a parental co-pay account is 90 days past due and/or services have been terminated due to non-payment, the CPMT will determine if legal action will be taken against the parent in an effort to recoup monies owed.
  • If CPMT determines to terminate the services at the time of the due process hearing, the CSA Coordinator will notify the service provider in writing that contracted services are to be terminated.  A copy of this notice to the service provider will be sent to the parent or responsible party and to the CPMT Fiscal Agent.

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