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Personal Property Taxes


In James City County, the Treasurer is responsible for the collection of ALL Personal Property taxes. The bills are mailed out based upon information provided to us by the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office.

What is Personal Property? The following are considered personal property according to the Code of the State of Virginia:

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • Campers
  • Travel Trailers
  • Boats and Boat Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • Airplanes
  • Motorcycles
  • Mobile homes not on permanent foundation







Due Dates - The regular billing cycle for James City County Personal Property taxes has two due dates during the year; June 5 and December 5. Additionally, supplemental bills may be sent out from time to time due to taxpayers moving into the county or buying new vehicles. These supplemental bills will have due dates respective to the date they are mailed.

Rates, Penalty and Interest - The current rate for Personal Property Taxes in James City County is 4 percent. 

  • A 10 percent penalty and interest of 10 percent APR will be assessed on the day following each due date.
  • Administrative fees, DMV stop fees, lien fees and insufficient fund fees can also be added as applicable to all delinquent accounts that are more than 30 days past due.

Key Elements of the Personal Property Tax Relief Act - The tax on the first $20,000 of value of your personal car, motorcycle, and pickup or panel truck under 7,501 pounds, which is a qualifying vehicle, is eligible for tax relief.  The State’s “No Car Tax Program” has ended as of September 1, 2006.  A new program was implemented Jan. 1, 2006.  Your tax bill will be reduced by a percentage (determined annually based on County demographics) on the first $20,000 of value for your qualified vehicle.  Your relief now represents your portion of an annual block grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If your qualifying vehicle’s value is $1,000 or less, the County’s Board of Supervisors has eliminated your tax.

Motor homes, trailers, boats and farm use vehicles DO NOT qualify for tax relief.

To qualify for the Personal Property Tax Relief a vehicle must:

  • Be owned by an individual or leased by an individual under a contract requiring the individual to pay the personal property tax; AND
  • Be used 50 percent or less for business purposes.

Possible exemptions from Personal Property Taxes - The owner of specially equipped vehicles may be eligible for an exemption of personal property tax if the motor vehicle is specially equipped to provide transportation for physically handicapped individuals.  Examples of qualifying equipment are lift or ramp for wheelchairs or scooters, hand- or foot-operated controls, raised door and roof to allow wheelchair entry, etc.

For more information, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office - 757-253-6695.

Military Exemption – Active Duty

Active duty military personnel residing in James City County with a home of record other than Virginia may be eligible for an exemption from personal property tax. This exemption applies to motor vehicles and other personal property owned solely by the service member, co-owned with a qualifying spouse, or solely owned by a qualifying spouse. Service members are required to annually file the Application for Military Exemption with a current copy of a Leave and Earnings Statement. Applications should be submitted no later than March 1 of a tax year. If the application is for a prior year, a Leave and Earnings Statement should be attached for each year for which an exemption is claimed.

Personal property owned by military personnel who claim Virginia as their legal state of residence is subject to personal property tax regardless of where the property is physically located. Written notification of any changes in military status, home of record, or physical location of property should be provided within 30 days of such change. For additional information regarding this exemption and its eligibility requirements, please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office at 757-253-6695. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Owe Deliquent Taxes? James City County uses many resources to collect outstanding taxes: payment agreements, third party liens, collection agencies, and others.

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