We welcome individuals with disabilities to participate in all recreation programs and activities. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable an individual’s participation in recreation programs, facilities and leisure activities as long as they meet the essential eligibility requirements. If you have ADA compliance concerns, please call 757-253-6604.

Inclusion is a service that provides accommodations to persons with disabilities for participation in recreation programs, facilities and leisure activities offered to the community. Inclusion also includes community and staff training, disability awareness programs, and accessibility of park trails and recreational facilities. Citizens with disabilities are encouraged to recreate with their peers by taking any class listed in our brochure. For more information or to request an accommodation, call 757-259-5354.


The Recreation Center's playground and fitness area are equipped with special adaptive equipment for those who use wheelchairs, lack mobility or require physical therapy. Aquatic chairs and a chair lift are available in the aquatic area for swimmers who use wheelchairs

Kidsburg, located at Veterans Park, also features an all-inclusive playground for children ages 2-12.

Essential Eligibility Requirements

The basic eligibility requirements for all programs, camps, classes and events are listed below. There may be additional requirements for each program, camp or class.
  1. Capacity - The capacity for each program is based on ratio and logistics. If the maximum enrollment for a program has been met, a participant may be unable to enroll or placed on a waitlist.
  2. Fees - Payment is due upon registration. Payments must be received before admission into any program.
  3. Conduct - All participants are required to follow the rules of conduct in the James City County Behavior Policy.

Request an Accommodation

To make a request, check the Accommodation Request Box on the registration form or call 757-259-5354. An Inclusion Services staff member will contact the participant or guardian to complete an assessment (Inclusion Profile) to determine the most reasonable accommodations. To ensure accommodations are met, a 3-week notice is requested before program begins.