2023 Officer of the Year

Senior Police Officer Justin L. White

Senior Police Officer Justin White was named the 2023 James City County Officer of the Year

Senior Police Officer (SPO) Justin White was named 2023 Officer of the Year. 

Over the past year, SPO Justin White has been instrumental in several accomplishments within the department. Justin serves as a senior officer on A Squad and is a valued emerging leader within his shift. SPO White serves as a lead OIC on his shift and is called upon by his supervisors and fellow officers for his experience and expertise in various fields.

SPO White is a firearms, Taser, and OC instructor and one of the department's most active instructors. This past year he was given the responsibility for completing all mandated training while also working to maintain proper staffing levels for all units during this training.  Officer White developed a training plan that worked excellently and provided all necessary training despite critical staffing shortages.  He also developed and taught training for the department on solo response to active shooter situations.  Furthermore, he created and participated in various other trainings on a regular basis.

Senior Officer White consistently maintains such a high level of professionalism with the public and his coworkers that he sets the example for how an officer should always portray themselves. He volunteers for assignments on a regular basis and never hesitates to assist whenever needed. SPO White is a certified ground tracker and assisted in the ground tracking of a missing suicidal juvenile, who was ultimately found unharmed and provided crisis treatment. Justin also received the Officer of the Quarter Award for 2022.

Due to his stellar level of professionalism and expertise, his willingness to consistently work toward the betterment of our officers and our department, and his proven ability as a leader among his peers, Senior Officer Justin White is James City County Police Department’s 2023 Officer of the Year.

Many other officers and citizens received recognition for their superior service and dedication to the community and the Department. 

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