Foster Care Recruitment & Training

What does it take to provide proper foster care?


Individuals who:
  • Are single or married
  • Are preferably at least 21 years of age
  • Have their own source of income from employment or benefits
  • Are able to provide a safe and healthy home
  • Have enough living space to care for a child, either in a house or apartment
  • Are willing to work with an agency, children’s families, schools and others
  • Are able to help a child cope with separation from his family and with the effects of abuse and neglect
  • Are able to let go when the time comes
Program Support
Our Foster Care Program offers:
  • Support to foster families prior to, during and after placement by agency
  • Pre-service training during approval to prepare families for foster parenting
  • Regular in-service training at any time on issues that are of concern or interest
  • Notification of workshops, conferences and regional trainings
  • Support through a resource library of books/videotapes on relevant subjects
  • Ongoing recognition for foster parents in newsletters and at an annual event during Foster Parent Appreciation Month (May)
  • Networking opportunities with other foster parents or resources set up by recruiter/trainer to help with foster parenting issues

Training Opportunities