Toano Area

Drainage & Roadway Improvements - January 2021

Scope of Work

This project involves bicycle, pedestrian and drainage improvements on Richmond Road beginning at Forge Road and ending just before Toano Middle School for a total length of 0.48 miles. Improvements include the addition of a landscaped median with pedestrian refuges, sidewalk and ADA ramp improvements, crosswalks, striped bike lanes on each side of the road and storm drainage improvements. The project addresses inadequate drainage (PDF) by the installation of a parallel drainage system and additional inlets to drain existing isolated low points. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) revenue sharing funds will be received in July 2018 to help fund the project.

Stormwater and Streetscape Improvements Map


  • Complete engineering design – Feb. 2021
  • Bid project – May 2021
  • Initiate construction – Sept. 2021
  • Project completion – Sept. 2022


  • Estimated Budget – $1,659,391
  • A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc. (final design contract) – $79,938.11
  • Contract payments and percent completed (final design contract) – $63,660.37 (80%)


  • Community meeting held Aug. 2, 2018
  • VDOT revenue share agreement completed
  • 30% plans submitted to VDOT for comment
  • Updating plans based on 30% comments from VDOT
  • Working on 60% plans
  • 90% plans submitted for comments

Next Steps

  • Complete final design based on comments from agencies
  • Acquire easements as required
  • Advertise project for bidding
  • Award project
  • Construction

Project Issues

  • Delays caused by funding questions related to the Coronavirus Pandemic