White Oaks Water Main Replacement

White Oaks, Indigo Park, Jamestown Farms and Canterbury Hills Water Main Replacement

Scope of Work

As part JCSA’s renewal and replacement program, JCSA will be replacing approximately 22,000 feet of existing water mains. The project will also include the replacement and addition of fire hydrants and the replacement of JCSA owned water service lines. The project is being completed to replace aging infrastructure, provide increased service reliability and improve flow available for fire protection purposes in this area. The new water mains will be installed within the existing right-of-ways and easements. The project will be completed in phases to minimize impacts to residents.

Construction Schedule

  • Schedule Map (PDF)
  • Progress to date: All work is complete in Phase 1 and 2.  The new water main and water services are installed, and functional and trench repairs are complete in Phase 3 except for Cooley Road. 
  • Upcoming Work: Water main installation will continue on Cooley Rd. Final paving of Phase 3 is expected to be completed in late September/early October.  Phase 4 water main installation will begin following the completion of Phase 3.


  • Estimated Budget – $6,250,000
  • Engineering Design and Permitting Contract (RK&K Engineers) – $456,163
  • Construction Contract - Henry S. Branscome LLC - $5,204,819

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