Veterans Park

Pickleball Court Improvements - January 2020

Scope of Work

This project will refurbish the entire court surface (currently 2 Pickleball courts and 2 tennis courts and replace with 8 Pickleball courts. The work includes removal of the existing fence around the perimeter of the courts, removal of all nets and posts within the courts, milling and resurfacing of the existing asphalt, installing new footings and foundations for all the net posts, court posts and fencing around the perimeter of the courts, installation of new 10-foot black vinyl chain link fence system around the perimeter with two gates, installation of new net posts and tensioners for 8 courts, installation of divider fences between the courts and coloring, sealing and striping of all the new Pickleball courts.


  • Proposal for courts reviewed – August 2019
  • Proposal approved by BOS – October 2019
  • Initiate Construction – Nov. 5, 2019
  • Project Duration – Approximately 12 weeks
  • Completion date is dependent on weather conditions*


  • Estimated Budget - $234,158.68
  • Tennis Courts Inc. – 0% Complete
  • Contract payments and percent completed - $0 – 0%


  • Nov. 5, 2019 – Construction begins – Courts closed to public
  • Existing court demolished
  • Installed new fence posts around perimeter
  • Installing curbing around court (in progress)
  • Curbing installed
  • Stone fill placed and fine graded

Next Steps

  • Monitor and inspect construction progress

Project Issues

  • Pickleball playing public are inconvenienced during construction
  • *Completion date is subject to weather conditions. Several work processes are hindered by rain/wet conditions and cold temperatures. Recent weather events have impacted planned work schedule and further delays are anticipated based on historical weather data during December and January.