Kids Storybook Yoga • Ages 4-7

Classes resume in July. This 30-minute class offers your child a fun way to bring together imagination, creativity and movement! While interacting with the book’s characters and plot, Storybook Yoga helps children contemplate meaningful messages such as gratitude, peace, self-love, respect and confidence. YoKID certified instructor: Pauline Emmett. Wednesday monthly. Info: 757-259-4176.

James City County Recreation Center
W4:30-5 p.m.$7 (single)$25 (4-pack)

Youth Yoga • Ages 8-13

Classes resume in July. Inspire your kids to learn while they move! This 45-minute class helps your child develop techniques for relaxation, health and self-love in this hurry-up world. Kids yoga increases strength and flexibility while helping them unwind, calm down, reduce stress and sleep better. YoKID certified instructor: Pauline Emmett. Wednesdays monthly. Info: 757-259-4176.

James City County Recreation Center
W5-5:45 p.m.$8 (single)$30 (4-pack)

Getting Back in the Swing - Golf Fitness & Flexibility • Ages 14+ NEW!

This golf strength and flexibility class is designed for all golfers looking to improve their game. You’ll learn exercises to build your muscular strength and endurance where you need it while also working on mobility, flexibility and cardio to get you ready for the course!

James City County Recreation Center

T8/116:30-7:30 p.m.$10308650-A

Pilates Fundamentals • Ages 14+ FREE! NEW!

Discover what Pilates can do for you! Learn more about what mat Pilates training can do to help you improve posture, core support, balanced muscle development and better your breathing to stay strong, fit, flexible and injury-free. No Pilates experience needed.

James City County Recreation Center

W7/225:30-6:30 p.m.FREE307511-A

Techniques of Meditation • Ages 16+ FREE!

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or brand new, all are welcomed to this open community meditation practice. We’ll explore different styles of meditation techniques as well as tools that aid the meditative process. You’ll be guided in and out of each session. Meditation can improve your physical, emotional and mental health and well-being.

James City County Recreation Center

W8/127-8 p.m.FREE308410-A


Intro to Yoga • Ages 14+

If you’ve always wanted to step into a group yoga class, but haven’t, this four-week workshop is for you! We’ll break down the poses, and you can ask as many questions as you need!

James City County Recreation Center

Th8/27-9/177-8:30 p.m.$30308612-A

Yoga and the Trees • Ages 14+

Join us for this full yoga practice at Freedom Park! Enjoy and deepen your practice among the beautiful trees – all while inside an air-conditioned building. All levels of experience are welcome, and modifications will always be explained. Free the joints, free the tension in the body and mind, and enjoy the unification of your mind and body through a safe, energetic practice.

Freedom Park

W7/12-3 p.m.$10307615-A
W7/82-3 p.m.$10307615-B
W7/222-3 p.m.$10307615-C


Mighty Girls Yoga! Camp • Ages 7-11

The focus of the Mighty Girls Yoga Camp is to help increase self-confidence while learning to grow in peace as you build strength and resilience from the inside out. We’ll learn the physical, mental and social benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices within a safe, cooperative, accepting environment. Learn individual, partner and group yoga poses while exploring the beautiful outdoors of Freedom Park. Discover your strengths through journaling, meditation, yoga games and art activities. We’ll collaborate on how to become agents of peace within the community and leaders in our lives. Classes based on the Little Flower Yoga methodology, taught by Grace Cunningham, RYT200, Little Flower Yoga Certified Instructor. Questions? Call 757-259-4176.

Freedom Park

M-Th7/20-7/239 a.m.-noon$90307663-A