Chickahominy Riverfront Park Fishing Pier

Demo and Rebuild – November 2023

Scope of Work

Demolish existing dilapidated pier and replace with new pier on same footprint. The project will consist of survey of the site along with design of a new pier. All necessary permitting and approvals will be obtained. Project will be bid and awarded and managed through construction until completion.

Chickahominy Riverfront Park Fishing Pier


  • Obtain proposal for design of project – Aug 2021
  • Received proposals for design, geotechnical work and survey work – in review
  • Construction Summer 2023


  • Estimated Cost: $500,000
  • Design: $89,795.00 – Timmons Group
  • Invoiced: $75,847 – 85% complete
  • Construction Total: $560,350
  • Crofton Construction has Invoiced: $552,909 – 98% complete


  • BOS approved budget for project – July 2021
  • Selected Timmons for Design/Survey/Permitting
  • Site Plan Approved – Design complete – Obtained Corps Permit
  • Construction is Substantially complete
  • Pier open to Public

Next Steps

  • Still pending light fixture for the end of the pier
  • Project closeout