Chickahominy Riverfront Park Well Replacement

Install new wells and support facility – July 2022

Scope of Work

Obtain new Ground Water Withdrawal Permit for new wells to be installed along with new support infrastructure including a well pump house. All necessary permitting and approvals will be obtained. Project will be bid and awarded and managed through construction until completion. Abandonment of existing wells will be completed when new wells are complete.


  • Obtain proposal for design of project – December 2021
  • Received proposals for design – Bowman Consulting Group Ltd selected for Design Work
  • Advertise Drilling Work – Summer 2022


  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $1,598,182
  • Design Cost: $47,654.00
  • Invoiced: $14,441.97 – 30% complete


  • Received proposals for design/permitting/survey for project
  • Selected Bowman Consulting for Design Work
  • Finished Design for Drilling Operation
  • Drilling of Wells Advertised on 7/20/2022

Next Steps

  • Review Bids and Select Contractor to begin work

Project Issues