Collington Court Stream Restoration

Stream Restoration - February 2024

Scope of Work

The Collington Court Stream Restoration project will include the stabilization and restoration of approximately 413 linear feet of a degraded channel of an unnamed headwater tributary to Mill Creek. The restoration reach originates at the culvert outfall downstream of the Riverside Diagnostic Center stormwater BMP. The channel is dominated by an unstable geometry with lateral migration and undercut and eroding banks. Additionally, the lack of stable and sufficient energy dissipation at the origin of the channel has exacerbated downstream instabilities. The current condition and state of degradation within the channel indicate that natural channel recovery in the near future is unlikely.

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The tributary will receive a Priority 2 and 3 restoration technique that that will reconnect the system to a new floodplain. Installation of in-channel structures will provide grade control and increase vertical dissipation of erosion velocities and shears. In addition to bed stability, in-channel structures function as habitat for colonization and reproduction of benthic macroinvertebrates and provide aquatic habitat. All disturbed areas will be seeded and planted with native vegetation to provide long term stabilization, water quality benefits and habitat. In addition, by restoring this stream channel, nutrients and sediment contributed by active erosion will be reduced to downstream receiving waters.

In 2011 James City County completed a public watershed planning effort for Mill Creek, the Mill Creek Watershed Management Plan, which identified specific retrofits and stormwater upgrades. The Collington Court Stream Restoration project is located in Mill Creek Subwatershed 203. Restoring this stream channel will improve water quality in the Mill Creek, reduce nutrient loads in the Chesapeake Bay, reduce bacteria in the Mill Creek Watershed and help meet James City County’s MS4 Permit obligations.

The stream restoration plan is being developed by Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Plans have been submitted for regulatory review and work to gain easements is underway. Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) grant money in the form of a 50% matching grant was awarded to James City County for the project.


  • Design/Bidding: Winter/Spring 2023-24
  • Construction: Summer/Fall 2024


  • Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Contract Amount: $87,674
  • Current payout and percent completed: $71, 016 - 81%
  • Additional Project Component Expenses: $13,726


  • Incorporate topographical survey and field investigation results into the design plans

Next Steps

  • Plan Approval
  • Temporary and Permanent Easement acquisitions within the project area 
  • Complete Bidding Phase and obtain Board of Supervisor approval for contract award
  • Construction Phase 
  • Substantial Completion 
  • Planting of woody plants/Final Completion
  • Annual monitoring of stream stability and vegetative growth for three years.