State Income Tax

About the Assistance Program

You may file your return at the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office, the Satellite Office, or directly to the State. The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office is linked with the Department of Taxation to allow for the direct entry of returns which qualify for the Accelerated Refund Program making it possible for County residents to receive their refunds within 5-7 working days.


To qualify for this program, the return must be filed using the same name(s), address, social security number(s) and filing status as the previous year.

The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office provides assistance in the filing of VA Individual Income Tax Returns and processes those returns for James City County Residents. All returns filed with this office are checked for accuracy and corrections are made when possible.

Program Benefits

This procedure results in tax savings for the citizens of James City County in excess of $100,000 each year.


You may file a payment agreement with the Treasurer's Office which will stop any further legal action as long as regular payments are made. A payment agreement does not stop the penalty or interest. We only collect for the current year's taxes and balances are turned over to the state every December 15. Once your account has been turned over, all correspondence and payments should be forwarded directly to the state. The state's helpline telephone number is 804-367-8031.

Late Payment Penalties

If a payment is received late, a 6% penalty will be applied per month, up to 30%. An annual interest rate of 8% will also be applied. 


The Treasurer will send you a monthly statement reflecting the current balance due on your account. If you have questions about this balance, please contact the Treasurer's Office immediately.

Check Status

You can check on the status of your income tax returns or obtain tax forms at Internal Revenue Service and Virginia Department of Taxation website.