Estimated Tax

Due Dates

There are 4 vouchers due throughout the year. These dates are as follows:

  • Voucher 1: May 1
  • Voucher 2: June 15
  • Voucher 3: September 15
  • Voucher 4: January 15

Where to File/Make Payments

Estimated tax payments may be filed on the local or state level. If you wish to file locally, your first voucher should be filed with the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office, who will in turn forward the payment to the Treasurer once your account has been created. Please make all checks payable to Treasurer, James City County. All remaining vouchers are filed directly to the Treasurer's Office. All payments are posted and deposited into a state account.

Penalties for Late Payments

Penalties for filing late estimated payments are assessed by the Department of Taxation. We do not have any information on what the penalty may be for a late payment. You may contact the Department of Taxation at 804-367-8031 for more information.