Flood Insurance Rate Map Updates

Updated Flood Maps

In addition to changes occurring as a result of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act, James City County is receiving changes to its Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). For JCC the last FIRMs issued were in September 2007. It is standard procedure for localities to receive updated FIRMs; however, due to the enhancement of technology and the application of new modeling techniques this update process now involves more dynamic mapping information. 

With improvements seen in imaging technology, today’s maps are more accurate than ever before. The improvements in mapping and new modeling technology have made it possible to forecast storm impacts in a new way. New to these maps is the Limit of Wave Action (LimWA) line. The line points to those areas prone to greater hazards as a result of wave action.

Flood Insurance Rate Map Updated Version Showing Limit of Wave Action Line

Coastal Areas

For coastal areas that see wave action there is a higher probability of erosion, destabilizing land and anything upon it. Floating debris will also cause greater damage in wave attenuation areas. The LiMWA line on FIRMs will illustrate those areas that will potentially seeing a wave height of 1.5 feet or greater. At this time, JCC does not regulate LimWA lines. For a complete listing of all the coastal flood hazard zones delineated on the FIRMs please go to our definitions page. An animation of the coastal flood hazard zones can be found here.

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  • View the Flood Hazard Mapping Fact Sheet (PDF) for JCC and Incorporated Areas in Virginia.

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Region III Coastal Analysis Mapping, FEMA