2015 Community Participation Team

The Community Participation Team is designated to help staff and the Planning Commission with the public outreach component of the Comprehensive Plan. The group is responsible for developing, encouraging, facilitating and reporting citizen participation throughout the process. The primary products of the team are assistance to staff in the development and coordination of publicity efforts and putting together a report on the plan review process and the citizen feedback received.

Team Tasks
Examples of team tasks include:
  • Reviewing the Communications Plan and related marketing materials
  • Planning public input opportunities (public meetings, web outreach)
  • Making public appearances on behalf of the Comprehensive Plan update (giving talks, taping public service announcements and television segments, and distributing flyers)
  • Participating in, observing, and collecting public input
Meet the Team
The Community Participation Team (CPT) is composed of 4 Policy Committee/PC members plus 6 leaders from the community.

From left to right: Elizabeth Friel, John Wright III, Robin Bledsoe, Rich Krapf, Jack Haldeman, Tim O’Connor, Allen Doucet, and Lisa Trichel-Beavers (not pictured: Susan Gaston and Madisen Kopfer).
Community Participation Team Group Photo