Clara Byrd Baker School

Stormwater Retrofits - September 2016

Scope of Work

This project consists of the renovation and retrofit of the stormwater treatment facilities at the Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School. The primary stormwater detention BMP collects runoff from a portion of the entrance drive and the entire school parking lot. In observing the BMP, it is evident that the BMP has become less effective functionally with significant sediment accumulations, trees on the embankment, evidence of ‘piping’ on the embankment, sinkholes around stormwater structures and poorly implemented riser structure configuration.
This project will correct the deficiencies in the current condition of the facility and make retrofits to enhance the efficiency of the BMP. Additionally three infiltration BMP’s were installed around the school to collect bus loop and roof runoff. The infiltration BMP’s have failed and may be backing up roof runoff. For replacement of these failed BMP’s, other LID retrofits, such as bioretention/rain gardens or dry swales will be considered to maximize stormwater treatment credits. The project design will focus on providing improved water quality benefits and contribute to meeting the County’s permit obligations for the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (CBTMDL) reductions.

Status of Project

Whitman Requardt and Associates has developed a retrofit plan for the site to maximize function and pollutant removal. Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) grant applications were submitted to the DEQ in October 2014. A grant of $194,327 was awarded to James City County for the project. Bids were opened May 5 and the contract award to David Nice Builders was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 24, 2016. The project started on time on June 20 with installation of erosion and sediment control measures. Work was performed in parallel with a parking lot expansion at the school by the same contractor. Despite lost time from frequent rains through the end of July, David Nice Builders added additional equipment/labor in August and worked on Saturdays to achieve substantial completion on September 1, in time for school to start the following week.


  • Civil Engineering Design - 100% design complete
  • Bidding Phase - April/May 2016


  • $600,000
  • David Nice Builders - $345,165
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $345,165 - 100%
  • Whitman Requardt and Associates - $75,837
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $68,214 - 90%
  • AES Consulting Engineers Survey - $13,267
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $13,267 - 100%
  • GET Solutions, Inc. (geotechnical investigation) - $13,122
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $6,303 - 48%


  • Preliminary design complete
  • Grant funding secured
  • Survey complete
  • Geotechnical investigation complete
  • No easements necessary
  • No Corps of Engineers Permit necessary
  • Complete final engineering design and construction plans
  • Site plan approval
  • Solicit bids for the work
  • Award contract
  • Obtain Land Disturbing Permit
  • Notice to proceed
  • Clearing for stormwater retrofits is complete
  • Excavation and grading for stormwater BMP’s 1 and 2.
  • Filling and compaction of berms for stormwater BMP’s 1 and 2.
  • Installation of bioretention planting soil.
  • Installation of plants.
  • Renovation of existing BMP 3.
  • Installation of outfall for failed bus loop infiltration trench.
  • Installation of concrete gutter for bus loop.

Next Steps

  • Project Closeout

Project Issues

  • Coordination with planned 2016 school parking lot expansion and re-roofing.